Why won’t my video upload to Instagram

won't my video upload to Instagram

Many times we feel no difficulty in uploading pictures be it on Instagram or what. But having videos and different things it would be tricky to keep up with sometimes. Here you will find two situations about that.

The first one would be uploading videos on Instagram and sometimes you get the error message saying there’s an issue importing this video try again. But the network connection is fine. “ when you try to upload a video on Instagram it will stick at uploading and will never finish even if you try to upload it again and again it won’t post the video.

Why can’t you upload videos on Instagram, there are many reasons for that some of them have been enlisted here.

  • Maybe your account is banned, it has been blocked or even disabled.
  • Or maybe you have very poor internet connection.
  • Another reason would be if your video is not meeting the requirements that can support this video.
  • The format would be H.264 CODEC.
  • The resolutions would be like max of around 1080pixels or I would say 1080p
  • The frame rate should be 29.96 kbps of the video bitrate.
  • The audio codec might be AAC audio codec at around 44.1 khz of mono.
  • The duration should be around 3 to sixty seconds.

So, let us just see if you have experienced any of the above problems and then you can go on for find many solutions that you need.

The very basic and debugging methods.

One step would be to check if your device is connected to the very strong network connection.If your network connection is fine you should restart the phone to see if it makes any difference. 

In the third step, you would find it very helpful for clearing many caches on Instagram or even on the app manager for suppose it would be settings and then Instagram and then click on clear cache. 

The last step would be if you really want to reinstall the app so that you can make sure the app is quite up to date. Yes, in such cases reinstalling instagram would really help you keep yourself up to date.

The fifth step would be if you can’t upload your videos even after trying so many things, let’s say reinstalling Instagram, the only problem that seems here is overloaded Instagram servers. This way Instagram goes down from one time to another time. You have to wait to upload various videos next week.

Things to ponder: 

you should record the video using the Instagram app, this way it will make sure that your video format is always supported by Instagram. Means you won’t face difficulties. Yeah, you can always convert the videos in the format that is supported by the Instagram format. Here you can check how you can do that.

Here’s a guide on how you can convert your videos on the Instagram format.

Here’s a video that can be recorded by a very decent camera or you can download it from the internet in a format that might not be very suitable for Instagram. This way you can convert videos in a format that is supported by Instagram even before you upload them.

There are a few video converters that will help you with it, for suppose, the forepaw videos, or the ultimate converters. Because it can. This will convert the videos to formats that would be supportive even for Instagram.

  • This will convert the videos let’s say from youtube MKV, or even the FVI and many of them.
  • The duration, the size or even the resolution can meet Instagrams requirements.
  • Enhancing the video quality in just a click for rotating, removing etc.
  • You can enhance the video quality in just one click for flipping, rotating, or removing the sound.

Here are the steps you can follow for giving it an appropriate environment.

  • The first step would be downloading and installing the program on the computer.
  • You wanting to upload the video on Instagram but it might be showing you the error message right
  • Many of the Instagrammer would find this issue with them because it can happen because of the network issue.
  • So, it might be frustrating seeing this error message when you want to upload something on Instagram.

Of all the issues we have defined to you about how you can fix this video error message. And any issue that you can face with it. This way your videos won’t upload on Instagram maybe because it is in the wrong format or maybe your connection is not good.


Summarizing the above-explained version we would say, it might be difficult at first uploading the videos on Instagram for several reasons and that’s why we have given you all of the possible reasons you might do to stay there. And many little things you must consider when you trying to upload such kind of stuff for you to post without facing any of the hurdles. so just keep following all of this stuff till you get the real results about this.