Home Business Who is Alexa Miro, Sandro Marcos’ rumored girlfriend?

Who is Alexa Miro, Sandro Marcos’ rumored girlfriend?

Who is Alexa Miro, Sandro Marcos’ rumored girlfriend?
Who is Alexa Miro, Sandro Marcos’ rumored girlfriend?

Who is Alexa Miro, Sandro Marcos’ rumored girlfriend

Alexa Miro has been the center of attention since the reports that she’s Sandro Marcos’s wife. Sandro is the oldest son of the president Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.

The rumors about the two were sparked in June of this year, after a live stream on Facebook of Vice Sara Duterte’s inauguration was captured. the brief conversation among Sandro along with Bacoor Rep. Lani Mercado. She said to him: “Hello, Sandro. Ang girlfriend mo pala is taga-Bacoor. Nakuwento to Bryan (Revilla) is anakin.” Then he responded: “Yes, but atin-atin an ‘yan lang ha.”

Recently, Sandro and Alexa were observed in the VIP area at Marina Bay Street Circuit in an image shared on Instagram by F1 Singapore Grand Prix. They were seen having a few drinks, leading to speculation that they’re involved dating.

Who is Sandro marcos?

Sandro Marcos is a Filipino politician. He is the son of former Philippine Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. and the nephew of former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos. Sandro Marcos has served as a member of the Philippine House of Representatives, representing the 2nd District of Ilocos Norte. He is a member of the Nacionalista Party, a political party in the Philippines.

Since she’s been creating lots of attention You’re probably thinking who are Alexa Miro?

In Bacoor, Cavite, Alexa Miro was aware of her desire to be a star from a young age. “I have already known since I was a child that I’d like to be an outstanding and professional performer when I got into a woman. I believe that being an actress is both noble and rewarding. In addition to being able to show off your God-given talents and talents, but you also be a positive influence on people’s lives through every appearance,” she said in an interview with The Philippine STAR.

Her fascination with the entertainment industry could be the result of mom, involved in the same industry as a performer. “I was raised by my mother who moved from one place to another, both here and overseas. Her profession was professional performer and singing was her bread and butter.”

Alexa obtained a bachelor’s diploma in communication Arts in Communication Arts at De La Salle University and has been carving her own way in the business since. Her most notable accomplishment was a commercial on TV for the fast food company Jollibee in 2018. This was followed by her appearance on the ABS-CBN the drama Araw-Gabias in the support cast , along with producer Ivana Alawi.

She’s also in the sexually explicit film A Girl and a Guy that follows young people who are trying to discover romance and relationships, as well as intimacy. It’s streaming now on Netflix.

From Mondays to Saturdays she reveals her funny side as co-host of the afternoon the show Tropang LOLon TV 5.

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If she’s not behind her camera Alexa plays with her “daredevil and thrill-seeker” side. She enjoys adventures, not just outdoors but also under water as a driver for scuba, hoping to become an expert diver in the future. “I would love to dive into great white sharks with my bare feet, exploring sunken vessels as well as helping in the cleaning of our reefs and assisting in the conservation of marine life,” she stated.

What’s her current situation in love And does it actually involve Sandro right now? In the same 2022 interview to the Philippine STAR, she stated that she’s not engaged to anyone. “Of course, you can date sometimes as you get to know people that are interesting and enjoyable to hang out with, and people who help you discover different things” the actress said.

When being asked about Sandro by the site for entertainment PEP, Alexa echoed the similar sentiments about her love life , and said they’re just friends. “Ganun pa rin naman, super, super close kami. Nagkakapalagayan ng loob, may tiwala sa isa’t isa. The same lang sa halos lahat ng magkakaibigan, halos parang girl best friend na niya ako.”

The actress stated that she’s not closing the door to falling in love with the man she loves. “Hindi ko masasabi kasi hindi ko naman pinipigilan ang sarili ko kung kanino ako mai-in love. I’m not in a position to dictate who I choose to love, nor who should I allow to have a chance. Right now, “wala pa the word “naman.”

In the in al ive Facebook video that was recorded during the inauguration ceremony of the Vice-President elect Sara Duterte on Sunday, June 19, 2022 at Davao City, the former actress and new Bacoor Rep. Lani Mercado was seen joking around with Sandro about his romantic life.

Lani said, “Hello, Sandro. Ang girlfriend mo pala is taga-Bacoor. Nakuwento ni Bryan [Revilla] sa akin.”

Sandro smiled and said, “Yes,” but rapidly adding, “But atin-atin lang iyan ha.”


Alexa was born the 21st of July 1995. This means that she’ll turn 27 next year.



Evidently, showbiz is through the veins of Alexa.

An Philippine Star article which was published on March 21 2022 and written by Pat Daza, mentioned that Alexa’s mother was a performer.

Alexa wrote in the piece “I was taught by my mom who moved from one place to another, in this country as well as abroad. Alexa was an accomplished performer and singing was her bread and butter.

“I believe that the desire in joining the showbiz world stemmed from a desire to please my more theatrical and creative side.

“I enjoy being able to entertain people and showcase my many talentsthat aren’t restricted to acting.

“It’s amusing… I’m sure I’ve always known since I was five years old that I wanted to be a top and accomplished performer when I grew into a young adult.”

Alexa was a part of ABC-CBN’s Munting Miss Universe in 2001 and was crowned.

In a different Philippine Star interview, Alexa told Charmie Jay Pagulong that she had always wanted to be an actress began when she was a child.

“Bata Pa po five years old lang. As much as I recall, pag tinatanong the teacher Kaibigan, kaklase mga titos and titas. always say, “One day, I’d like to be an actress. A performer. All things related to performing arts is a possibility.”

What’s with the name?

The screenname Alexa was influenced to her hero, Angel Locsin.

I’m not sure I’m not sure, but Angel has been seen in roles that had the name Alexa previously.

However, it is certain that Angel’s part in the comedy movie Four Sisters and a Wedding was given the name Alexandra Camille Salazar.

The actress told Alexa about her showbiz idol “Saludo po talaga ata sa acting Niya at naging inspiration ko siya for the longest period of time.”


Do you remember that popular Jollibee Valentine’s Series commercial titled Signs in 2018?

In the ad Alexa plays Star the girl who breaks her heart when she learns the fact that her boyfriend, who’s also her classmate has an ex-girlfriend.

Star quickly realizes that Joms who was one of her close friends at school, is the one who was that was meant to be her forever.

The commercial caught the eye to director Theodore Boborol and paved the way for Alexa to join the main cast of Kapamilya network’s Precious Hearts Romances: Araw Gabi.

Barbie Imperial and JM de Guzman were the main stars of the series inspired by the pocket novel El Paraisoby Martha Cecilia.

As for the rest of the cast, Alexa and another newcomer known as Ivana Alawi were also part of the cast supporting the show.


It was impossible to stop Alexa’s entry into the show business after Araw gabi.

She was in the film of 2018 Simplicity alongside Riva Quenery Mary Joy Apostol, Kelly Welt, and Nami Onuma.


Rhian Ramos as well as Solenn Heussaff had a unique part in the film written by David Hulbert and Kazuhiko Parungao.

Alexa was was then subsequently directed by Erik Matti in the 2021 film “A Girl and The Guy.

She was in a relationship with actress Rob Gomez, who is part of the Estrada showbiz family that comprises George Estregan, Kate Gomez, and Gary Estrada.

The romantic comedy film has been described in the words of New Musical Express (NME) Asia as “raunchy.”

Author Khyne Palumar’s reviews stated: “Nude couples getting hot and heavy with Tarantino-style gore begin the first 8 minutes. All before the leads destroy their relationship with their long-time partners.”

A Girl and a Guy tells the tale of young adults who find their way to intimacy friendship, relationships, and friendship.

Alexa spoke about the film at an appearance on PEP Spotlight, “It’s not an sexy movie. It’s a sexually explicit film, but it’s more about life.

“Like what I said kanina, siguro kung paano natin gawin sa totoong buhay, ganun siya sa film.

“Ganun siya katotoo lang. Kung andyan ka nakatambay sa kama after doing it, just using your cellphone, parang ganun siya.

“Pero every bed scene siguro has a different take, a different emotion.”

A Girl and A Guy reached the top spot at Netflix Philippines in November 2021.

Alexa Rob and Rob joined forces on the show “Messy Thing called Love” of Regal Studio Presents which aired on February 27 2022, on GMA-7.

Alexa will also be scheduled to be viewed with Kapuso hotspot Derrick Monasterio in the film called Cheat Day.

The sexy film is produced by Joey Reyes under Regal Films.

Alexa said to PEP.ph, “Derrick and I have been friends for three or four years. I first have met him in 2018 through mutual acquaintances.

“So comfortable na agad kami sa isa’t isa. Pero could scene kami na sinut namin the previous day on the day that we shot the final day. …”

She laughed and said: “Awkward pala to make landi when you’re with someone who’s your favorite.”

On TV, Alexa was also seen in the noontime variety show of TV5, Lunch Out Loud.

She stated to Daza her in an article in the Philippine Star article, “Comedy, in my view, is the toughest genre to master. I’ve always believed you have to be naturally humorous and quick-witted in order for you to be entertaining the masses .

“However joining LOL has changed this for me. I’ve learned that you must only be fully invested in your education, and hone your skills by constantly observing and increasing up the ante.”


The transition from one place to another one in the Philippines and overseas was difficult for Alexa.

The constant struggle to fit in forced her to experience the discomfort of bullying as she moved between schools.

She shared “We also had irreconcilable life-threatening problems within the family.

“Because that I didn’t have a constant environment when I was growing as a child, and no group of friends who were with you throughout all the way through.

“I used to be the latest girl. I was victimized from middle school until freshman year of college.

“Having an extremely difficult childhood, it inspired me to believe that it was essential to feel accepted, included.”


Alexa is a naturalist and curious in a variety of ways.

She is a lover of travel and the outdoors, especially the beach.

Alexa is a diver, also “weirdly addicted to eating lemons or calamansi.”


When she appeared in the show PEP Spotlight in April 2021, Alexa played coy when asked whether she was involved in a relationship.

“Secret,” she giggled.

She was more willing to discuss romance during her interview with 2022’s the Philippine Star.

Alexa stated, “Of course, there’s occasional dating in the event that you come across people you find fun and interesting to hang out with, and who can introduce you to new things.

“It took me some time to discover my self-worth. I believe that my last relationship has taught me this.

“It was the last hit I needed to accept that I didn’t require an accomplice in order to be complete.

“I have never been required to please anyone else to feel like a member. In fact, there’s no reason to be a part of anything.”

However, is Sandro Marcos her fiance?

The tittle-tattle claimed that it’s an unofficial relationship that started in 2021. It also claimed that they had recently traveled to Europe to take a trip.

She is still to confirm or debunk the speculation.



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