What is Felching and How Can it Be Prevented?

what is felching

What is felching and how can it be prevented? This article will examine Felling and coprafelchia, three forms of felching. Shrimping is another type of felching, while yoghurt is used to induce erections. Learn about these methods of felching to help prevent this dangerous and painful practice. Listed below are some of the ways to prevent felching. You can also read about Coprafelchia.

What is Felching ?


Felling is a form of musophilia and involves sexual arousal in mice. It is an extremely rare sexual practice and dangerous to the animals involved. In felching, a rodent is placed inside a condom or paper towel roll and inserted into the anus. The rodent will then try to claw back to safety, but it will be unsuccessful. It will be a painful experience for both parties.

It is a dirty practice that involves eating or sucking the semen in the vagina of a partner. While this activity is not dangerous, it is best practiced with a partner who is STD-free and not pregnant. Performing felching with a partner who does not know their STD status should be avoided. Felling is generally considered safe, although it should only be done by those who are comfortable with the act.

Felling is an oral sexual act involving sucking the semen of a male partner. The act is sometimes referred to as “eating a cream pie.” The purpose of felching is to taste a man’s semen after penetrative sex. Unfortunately, felching is not for everyone, and many gay men do not like the taste of their own semen. This is the primary reason it is considered an unpleasant activity.


Felching is a traditional gay sex act wherein one partner sucks semen from another partner’s anus. It is similar to eating a cream pie, which is why the terms are often used interchangeably. Felching is usually performed after an anale geslachtsgemeenschap, but can also be performed after a handjob or masturbation.

Felching involves the sucking of sperm out of one’s anus with a straw. It is of US origin, though the word appears to have been used in Europe for centuries. There is also a variant called “yoghurting” which involves throwing yogurt at cars, estates, and windows. Compared to felching with a straw, yughurting can be much more exciting.

Felching can involve kissing or licking your partner’s vag to enjoy the flavor of the semen. The act can also involve snowballing, a method of passing cum between partners. Despite its risky nature, felching has become a popular sex act among some people. Whether you’re gay, lesbian, or straight, the act involves extreme intimacy. If you’re considering trying this out, remember that it is not for everyone.


Coprafelchia is the process of sucking semen, generally after having an anal intercourse, though it is common to perform the action after any kind of sexual activity, including work. It was first recorded in 1972 in an argot of the homosexual subculture by Ronald A. Farrell. The act is also known as fletching or caza de trufas. Read on to learn more about felching.


In the world of adult sex, feltching is a slang term for sucking sperm from the penis. While it is not considered safe sex, it is considered a form of frotting. While the two terms have the same meaning, the latter is more commonly associated with sperm sucking. Both hunching over and simping are considered similar forms of felching.

When engaged in this act, the shrimp is placed in the partner’s anus and ejaculated, thereby causing the man to feel an urge to lick the semen. This is considered to be a form of podophilia. Similarly, frotting involves sucking cum from the anus. Although frotting is more common, shrimping is not as widely practiced as frotting.

Experiencing a “wild” or “uninhibited” sex

Having group sex with a partner is not for everyone, but for some women it is a thrilling experience. It is common for women to look forward to meeting a mystery man, whether it be at a motel or at a local club. Women enjoy the anonymity of sex with a stranger and feel safe in their company, since they won’t be judged or see them again. However, men should be aware that not every woman is interested in group intercourse.

Desire for unprotected sex

The perception of beauty, sexual risk-taking and self-esteem play a major role in an individual’s desire for unprotected sex. Unprotected sex is also a common choice among young MSM and transgender people. However, unprotected sex often leads to shame and low self-esteem, which can hinder basic self-care. To address the problem, it is important to understand the causes and consequences of sexual risk-taking.

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