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(Useful Tips) How to Change iPhone Location without VPN? 

How to Change Your Location on iPhone without VPN?

Use any third-party tool or application to change iPhone location and pretend it is somewhere else. There are now countless online resources and programmes for location faking. Here we will describe ways how to change iPhone location without VPN.

Can I Disguise My Location on iPhone without VPN?

Yes, you can change iPhone location without a VPN. It uses third-party tools or any application. The VPN on your iPhone hides your actual IP address and gives you a new one. You may access geo-restricted content and get around most internet restrictions in addition to having a more secure online browsing experience. You must download some desktop applications and link them to your iPhone via a USB cable if you wish to “spoof” or change your iPhone’s GPS location. 

We’re going to inform you about Tenorshare iAnyGo, a fantastic programme that lets you convey a false location. The iPhone location switcher iAnyGo is fantastic. You may use it to change the GPS location to any location in the world without leaving your home. Your iPhone will use the address you enter as the default location if you enter the address you wish to use. iAnyGo, which offers a free trial, is one of the most well-known apps.

Why Would You Change Your iPhone Location without VPN?

Changing the iphone location to pretend it is somewhere else has many advantages and practical uses, such as retrieving a lost or stolen phone or checking the weather. People might want to relocate their iPhones for several additional reasons, though. 

Privacy: While GPS coordinates are not encrypted or changed by VPNs, certain information about your location is concealed by encrypting your IP addresses. That is simply not how VPNs operate.

Safety: In extreme situations, such as when escaping domestic violence, you might want to change your place for safety.

Applications: You might want to use applications that are not allowed in your country so you can change GPS location iPhone to avail that applications. For example; just to avail of social apps. 

Pranks or surprises: GPS-changing is the finest approach to surprise a loved one with a visit to your home. 

Remote employment:: You can work as remotely just by change iPhone location. 

Accessing more affordable deals: Hotels and airfares are frequently more affordable in other nations. Therefore, changing your IP address will enable you to access various deals from other countries and save some money.

Fast Access: It can give you fast access to your company’s network.

Play Geo Block Games: This makes it possible to move about in games without having to walk.

How to Change iPhone Location without VPN? (Easy Tutorial)

Through the GPS spoofing app, you may now modify the position of your iPhone without using a VPN. A game-changing tool for IP location spoofing without a VPN is Tenorshare iAnyGo. Additionally, it keeps track of your movements across various apps and can adjust them accordingly. You may quickly change your location on your iPhone with this iAnyGo iPhone location charger. iAnyGo location-based app can benefit from flexible planning and moving route simulation functions. It’s easy to use. This makes it possible to move about in games without having to walk. If you need to alter your GPS location but don’t want to leave the house, Tenoshare iAnyGo makes it rather simple for you to do so. Here are some steps of how to change your location on iphone.

Step 1: Activate Tenorshare iAnygo

The default mode when you start the programme on your computer is “Change Location.”

Step 2: iPhone and computer connected

 Use a USB cable to connect your iPhone to the PC. Unlock your device after that. To begin, press the “Enter” button after that.

Graphical user interface, text, applicationDescription automatically generated

Step 3:  Choose a location from the map

In the search box, type the address or GPS coordinate you want to teleport to—for this example, New York City—and click “Start to Modify.”

Step 4:Protect Your Account:

 The cooldown timer is specifically created for Pokemon Go players to serve as a reminder not to move their GPS location too frequently in order to protect their account. You can disable this functionality if you don’t require it.

Step 5: Cooldown timer Reappear:

 You must manually turn on the feature once more in Settings for the cooldown timer to appear once more.

Congratulations! Your current location will immediately change. The phone location will also be altered in all location-based iPhone apps.

Closing Remarks:

The benefits of knowing how to change your location on iphone are numerous. The iAnyGo software may access geo-restricted content and get around most internet restrictions in addition to having a more secure online browsing experience. You can now access your Netflix account from another country or submit private information without worrying about it being seen. In this article, we share methods to change GPS location on iPhone

Bonus Tips: FAQs about Changing iPhone Location.

Q1: How to turn the location on/off on iPhone?

  • Launch the Settings app.
  • Select Privacy by swiping down.
  • Choosing Location Services
  • Uncheck the box next to Location Services at the top of the menu. I’m done now.

Q2: How to Change Your Apple ID Region or Country?

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Select iTunes & App Store after selecting your name.
  • Tap View Apple ID after selecting your Apple ID. 
  • Select a Country or Region.
  • In the top right corner, hit Agree. Then, tap Agree once again to confirm.

Q3: Is there a fake GPS App for iPhone?

Neither iOS nor Android comes with a “fake GPS location” setting, and the majority of apps don’t offer a straightforward way to change your location. Setting up a fake GPS on your phone only changes where you are.

Q4: Can you fake your current location on the iPhone?

Yes, you can fake your current location on your iPhone. There is various method to do it but I recommend iAnyGo Software because it keeps track of your movements across various apps and can adjust them accordingly.



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