Upgrade Your Skills With Microsoft AZ-104 Exam (Best Certification 2021)

You might wonder why IT specialists opt for Microsoft certification examinations. After all, what is so important about these exams? 

Well, apart from the fact that these exams help you know more about the latest cloud tech and learn about them, there are other reasons behind it, as well. 

A popular Microsoft certification is the Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator Associate certification. You need to get the AZ 104 certification to pass this exam. And here’s letting you know how this certification helps you in upgrading your skills: 

The basics of the AZ-104 Examination 

You can earn the Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator Associate certification by passing an exam that has the code AZ-104. You will get to be an Azure Administrator with a well-defined role in an international organization after you get this Microsoft Certification. 

In simple words, such an expert will remain in charge of the deployment and management of the cloud infrastructure of the company. They will work with skilled engineers and professionals who know the ways to use cloud computing services for improving business processes and increasing their performance.  

The AZ-104 exam is harder than other certification exams from Microsoft. It needs great technical skills; thus, the ones who don’t have those skills will find it hard to be successful in the exam. So, it is important to know about the topics of the exam before sitting for it. 

Upgrading your skills through Microsoft Azure Certification 

Now that the basics of the exam are clear to you let’s consider all the reasons why you need to go for this certification. 

A simple answer to this would be the fact that you will get to hone your presentation skills through this certification. But only saying this does not cover it. 

One of the obvious benefits of earning the Microsoft Cloud Certification is the prospect of earning a higher salary per annum. At present, the average annual salary of Microsoft Azure Administration is at least $107,683. 

Additionally, when you have an international credential in your resume, your prospects of being accepted to work in reputed corporations are reasonably higher. Recruiters prefer the candidates who come with international accreditations because such a badge is proof that the skills of the applicant have been tested and checked thoroughly.  

Additionally, besides the payment and professional upgrades, you’ll also have the prospect of remaining updated with the upcoming trends in the world of cloud computing. Microsoft Azure Certification gets you trained in one of the trendiest technologies at present, which companies across the world are relying on. Thus, it is important for you to know the ways to implement and improve its features. 

Ultimately, after you are ready for the exam, you will get access to the most modern training facilities across the world because Microsoft is renowned for the comprehensive training it offers. Also, the Azure Certification cost is also not too high on the pocket for you to worry about.  

Topics and requirements for AZ-104 exams 

Let’s begin with the basics. If you aim to get the Azure Certification, you need to have a clear idea about the prerequisites for the test and the skills that the assessment measures. 

In terms of requirements that make you eligible to pass the test, your prospects of passing the exam on the first try will be significantly higher when you have a minimum of six months of working experience. 

Thus, it will help you have a better understanding of the new concepts and enhance your chances of acing the exam. Generally, the Microsoft test aids candidates gain the given skills: 

  • Understanding Azure identities and governance and ways to manage them through Azure Certification training 
  • Managing and implementing various storage solutions 
  • Deploying Azure computing resources and learning the ways to manage those 
  • Configuring virtual networking solutions and managing them properly 

Wrapping up 

When you manage to pass the AZ-104 examination and get the Microsoft Azure Certification, you will be one of the few experts who have managed to include an international accreditation to the resume. 

Of course, keep in mind that this particular assessment is anything but easy, which means the entire process of preparation gets even more challenging. But when you consider all the benefits that come with the certification, you will agree that it’s worth the effort.