Top 10 Growing Jobs in India in 2021

Top 10

Are you using to find a good, high-paying job? Are you looking for the top jobs which can give you high returns? Here, we will help you in clearing all your doubts. We have brought a complete list of the top 10 positions in India, be it for a beginner or a middle-level or high-level. 

This is an updated list of 2021 to brought in your view the top high-paying jobs available currently in the market. 

Moreover, a good job is not only about salary, but it is also about opportunities, growth, environment, work culture, and much more. So, to get all these, you need to be wise. Most importantly, while choosing a job I money, every one of us first looks for the highest salary package we can get. 

However, the highest paying jobs available in India are under the management, data science, BFSI, and medical sectors. It is challenging to get that much salary as expected in other domains, but yes, you might get additional benefits for which you might like that job as well. On average, the traditional big companies in these sectors offer an employer with Rs. 7-15 LPA, while the to modern companies in the same industry will provide you with the highest package ranging Rs. 20-40 LPA. So, let’s get into these highest-paying jobs available in India and check them out without any confusion.   

Top 10 Highest Paid Jobs in India

Marketing Manager

One of the most interesting job profiles, marketing is one of the most important part of any company as it is very important for people to perceive it in a manner which is desirable. Not for any specific company but it is required by any small or big ventures like IT, finance etc. the educational requirements are bachelor’s degree in marketing with even an MBA to get a better paying job if required. A marketing manager can grab anywhere up to 4-6 LPA wherein somebody who is well experienced in this field can earn from 15-22 LPA which is a decent amount.

Full-stack software developer

The minimal qualification required to enter this field of work is a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology, and a brilliant knowledge in programming languages. This role requires an individual to create software or websites from the ground according to the company’s requirement.

These people are highly important and in demand as with being a web developer, they also know the database systems making the requirement of hiring two people nil. With freshers in this field can earn up to 375,000 per annum, going up the ladder Top 10 Highest Paid Jobs in India, any professional can easily get up to 1,375,000 a year. Some companies which most require people with this job profiles are Barclays, Dell, Simpalm etc.

Data scientist.

In this profile, the main tasks of an individual are to organize data in bulk. This data can be received via different companies and organizations, which can help boost employee -employer relationship and even impact its customers view on the specific company. These data scientists possess immense skills in computers and mathematics, which are very important for analyzing the data at hand.

The salary package for this profession is very good with an experienced scientist earning up to 60-0 LPA. At the same time even without experience this profession can give you up to 4-12 lacs to identify valuable data sources and just analyze that data from large databases.

Blockchain developer

In this new field of work, these people handle everything from currency transactions to data security and handling that data, which can be very sensitive. The growing industry and its growing demand is a proof of this booming work. These block chain developers help increase speed and reduce the technology costs by researching and developing blockchain applications.

The average salary package is somewhere up to 8,01,938 and highly professional individuals can earn up to 25-50 lacs per annum. Even the Indian government has been planning to invest heavily in this department to make it easy for our government offices.

Machine learning experts.

Somewhat matching to the data scientist profile, machine learning experts, as the name suggests, are applications that professionals develop to learn and improve on their own. Being a well-paid job in India and worldwide Top 10 Highest Paid Jobs in India, people pay huge amounts of money to get this self-sufficient software that can reduce the requirement of hiring more people and thus saving up costs. One needs to have a B. Tech in computer science, Mathematics, or data science if possible. With a masters degree, a professional can easily earn up to 1,948,718 per annum.

Medical Professionals (Doctors & Surgeons)

There are various opportunities in the streamline and different specializations. The job profiles offered in the medical Professionals are highly paying, especially doctors and surgeons. However, this professional also has small and supportive jobs which offer you less salary. But if you are a person with skills and qualifications, you can go for this industry.

The healthcare industry consists of specified and professional duties, which are to be performed at high salaries. You can easily get a salary of 10-20 lakh annually to give treatments to the patients, diagnosing medical issues, and take follow-up from clients and elaborate posts of the parties. Moreover, they are said to be the lifesavers, and hence their role is a little difficult as well, and that is why they are paid high for their work. 

Generally, to be in this sector, you must possess various degrees like M.B.B.S., M.D., or M.S. and many other postgraduate degrees offered by the Medical Council of India (MCI). Over that, you must possess skills to manage patients, quick decision making, attention, and many more. 

Moreover, many healthcare companies in India offering you these packages like A.I.I.M.S., Apollo, Fortis, Max, and many more.

Management consultant

Laying their hands anywhere around 18-23 LPA, management consultants are basically like counselors for companies to improve their overall performance and maximize their profits. These individuals develop strategy and management of resources so that the operations of the company can be managed more efficiently.

This job profile requires a bachelors degree in business and then an MBA from a reputed university. The knowledge about Mathematics and accounting is preferred in this industry with the key is having problem solving skills mainly. Some key employers of this profile are PwC, Deloitte McKinsey& Co usually having opening under this role.

Chartered Accountant

Being on of the toughest professions, a chartered account is respected and paid extremely well as they are the reason where people save their taxes on multiple occasions. Every company has a number of CA’S to handle their money and finances for purposes of filing taxes and auditing annual reports. There is an exam which is supposed to be clear which is completed in four level and the exam itself is considered to be extremely tough.

The top employers of this profession are standard chartered, KPMG etc. who can pay up to 6-7 LPA for a fresher and the professional personals can earn up to 30 lacs per annum depending on their experience. Top 10 Highest Paid Jobs in India its the best for you.

Product Management.

An interesting field of work, an individual working as a product manager, has the most important role: managing everything regarding a product from the strategy to forecasting. Without this profile, it would be impossible to understand the customer requirements and releasing a product in lieu with that.

A person with a bachelor’s degree in public relations or advertising management can easily apply for this job profile. From developing business for new products, a product manager will look into the product vision and manage its market accordingly to ensure that customer expectations are met. Looking at the salary packages in this industry professionals can swim anywhere between 17-26 LPA whereas a fresher can look at 14,40,000 LPA.

Companies like Google, Uber, and Amazon are always in search for individuals for this role.

Investment Bankers

We usually see in movies about how classy and rich investment bankers are, and even in real life it is very much true. This job profile mainly consists of professionals who have their heads completely in finance from the best universities helping their clients invest money to get the maximum results from taking in huge packages.

This can be termed as one of India’s highest-paid jobs and even outside India as everyone wants to earn as much profits wherever they are investing money. From providing trade securities to help clients raise money in capital, investment bankers do it all to save as much money they can from getting into the wrong hands. The top employers in this field can be Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase etc.

Final words 

Getting a high-paying job is very important to gain financial stability and independence. We have helped you with various industries you must go for if you are looking for the highest paying salary. Design your goals and plans accordingly to achieve success and explore more opportunities. There are various high-paying top 10 jobs in India listed from which you could choose easily.

Especially if you plan to build a career and plan to choose, these salary packages, requirements, and expertise will help you decide which field ad career to choose. It will give you a clear answer to your question: a high-paying career in India. With this easy and straightforward guide, get into India’s top jobs, paying you the highest salary package Top 10 Highest Paid Jobs in India.