A Simple Guide to Home Loan Calculator and Ways to Calculate The EMI

As you take up a loan, you must wonder how you will repay the loan amount.

The total home loan amount is equally distributed in several months, known as equated monthly instalments or EMIs.

The EMI is a fixed amount that you are to pay back to the lender of the home loan at the end of each month until the sanctioned loan amount repayment is completed. The amount to pay consists of interests and part principal repayment.

To calculate this payable loan amount, we need a home loan calculator, which will make the process easy for us to deal with.

Scroll down to explore the facts about home loan calculators in India and ways you can calculate the EMI.

How a Home Loan Calculator Calculates Home Loan EMI

In India, the financial institution providing a home loan asks you to enter the following details in their home loan calculator, primarily available on their official website:

● The loan amount
● The tenure of the loan
● Payable interest rate

As soon as you input the above details, you shall find out the expected amount you will have to pay every month to clear out all the total home loan amount dues.

With the use of the home loan calculator, you can determine the regular cash flow, according to which you may decide upon other financial planning.

The home loan calculator serves to be very useful for your loan servicing.

If you are availing of an extra loan EMI simultaneously, you must calculate after adding the home loan EMI amount to the previous EMI. It is suggested that based upon your total earnings, you should decide upon the number of loans you take up.

Mostly, 30%-40% of the total income is considered the most significant portion utilized for loan repayment purposes every month.

To check out your maximum ability to obtain a loan, you may choose to use the affordability calculator.

It evaluates using the down payment made for the home loan, monthly fixed income, loan period, interest on a home loan, and other EMIs you are currently undergoing.

Based on all these, it estimates the loan amount you can apply for. The calculated amount will enable you to determine the amount of home loan you can efficiently service.

While using the home loan calculator in India, you can fearlessly chalk out the plan of your cash flows and be prominent on the home loan repayment and interests calculated on it.


As we have understood from the above sections, home loan calculators in India calculate the home loan EMI that adds the principal amount of the loan and the interest rate.

All financial organizations follow the same procedure for entailing loans to their customers. The loan granting houses are readily available to buy you a home with their reasonable EMIs.

One needs to choose the best option out of many which are accessible in the market. In India, each financial house has made their home loan calculator readily available on the official page, using which the customers take up their decision of whether or not to take up a loan and, if yes, from where.

Thus this is all about the home loan calculator in India and how the home loan EMIs are calculated.