Sea Ganoderma Locations : Best 5 locations

Sea Ganoderma Locations

Sea Ganoderma locations can be found all over Inazuma, but are easier to farm in the deeper parts of the sea. To find them, you may have to swim or use water sprinters to swim to their locations. Inazuma, Japan, is one of the most beautiful places in the world to hunt these creatures.


Inazuma is a great location to farm the sea Ganoderma locations. They are large blue plants with fronds that fold outwards around a cluster of balls. You can collect three or sixty of them, and they respawn every two days, with each server reset. To farm Sea Ganoderma, you can work with other Travelers to collect them together.

Inazuma is one of the many areas in the game where you can find these unique plants. You can find these plants on a number of islands in the shallow waters of the world. They are also used as a material for character advancement. If you collect enough of them, you can level up your characters such as Yae Miko and Kaedehara Kazuha. These fungi respawn every two days.

There are several places to find the Sea Ganoderma locations, including the central area of Inazuma and the northern and southern coasts of Seirai island. Besides, you can also explore the smaller islands near the central part of Inazuma. A few of these spots can be found in Koseki Village and on the southernmost tip of Seirai island.

Sea Ganoderma can also be found in the waters near the shores of the main islands of Japan. These islands include the Seirai and Tatarasuna Islands. You can also find it near the land strip connecting Tatarasuna to Yashiori Island.

sea ganoderma locations

Narukami island has some locations of the sea ganoderma. You can also find these sea fungus in clusters on the islands. These areas contain small rock formations and river inlets. However, you shouldn’t make this your primary source of the fungus.

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Narukami Island

Narukami Island is one of the best locations to find Sea Ganoderma. You’ll find the sea plants in clusters throughout the island and near rocky outcroppings and river inlets. They’re also found sparingly on Watatsumi Island and in the waters around the mainland. But Sea Ganoderma should not be the primary focus of your farming plans.

The south side of Tsurumi Island is another location for Sea Ganoderma locations, but it’s much less plentiful. The most concentrated areas are along the eastern peninsula, above Shirikoro Peak, and below Wakukau Shoal. If you don’t have a shield, you’ll have to be especially careful when you’re near the shoal.

Sea Ganoderma locations was first added to the game with the 1.6 update. It was previously only available in the Golden Apple Archipelago, but it was moved to the Inazuma region. This is an important part of the game, because you need it for ascension material.

Sea Ganoderma respawns after two days. This makes it necessary to farm several times to obtain enough to level Kazuha. Luckily, Sea Ganoderma spawns in small amounts in the Archipelago map. However, you’ll need 168 Sea Ganoderma to level her from 0 to 90.

The south and northern coast of Tsurumi Island are also good places to find Sea Ganoderma. These islands are located south of Inazuma’s central area. It’s worth exploring the smaller islands after you’ve explored the larger ones. These islands include Koseki Village and the southern tip.

Narukami Island is another excellent location for Sea Ganoderma. There are 22 varieties to find here, but some of them are a little difficult to access without a Waverider. While some are easy to farm, others require some swimming or water sprinting to reach. The location is near the home of Takashi’s Conch, and even a military encampment.

Sea Ganoderma is a rare drop in 1.6, but it’s easier than it was in the earlier version of the game. It is important to find the proper place to farm it so you can sell it for good profit. If you can’t find it in Narukami Island, try to find it somewhere nearby in the Inazuma Islands.

Yashiori Island

Sea Ganoderma is a kind of sea creature that grows in the ocean. You can find them on different islands in the world of Inazuma. Several of them can be found on Narukami Island and Seirai Island. Some of them also grow on other islands, such as Watatsumi Island and Kannazuka Island.

There are a couple of locations where you can find Sea Ganoderma locations on Yashiori Island. One location is at the Jakotsu Mine. The other location is near the Fort Mumei. Both of these locations should be relatively empty. However, if you are looking for a place that is free of enemies, you can try the Kamisato Estate.

Another location on Yashiori Island where you can find Sea Ganoderma is near the entrance of the island. You can reach this location by teleporting to the nearby waypoint. You can find five of them there. Similarly, you can find seven of them in the vast area underneath Bourou Village.

Once you’ve gathered a large enough quantity of Sea Ganoderma, you can then use it to craft some recipes. There are also some uses for this plant, including as an ascension material. If you’re an ascension character, you can use it to strengthen your character’s strength and improve their Ascension. However, you should make sure that you’re accompanied by a party of people, especially if you are going to use this ingredient.

The main area of the island where Sea Ganoderma is found is the north-east portion. It’s best to look for it there because it’s relatively easy to harvest. You can also find some in the seas at the edge of Seirai Island and Watatsumi Island.

You can also find Sea Ganoderma locations on Narukami Island. There are several clusters of them here, and they can be found at rocky outcroppings and near river inlets. Inazuma also has several Sea Ganoderma locations. But you shouldn’t consider this as your primary source of income. You might want to concentrate on farming other kinds of mushrooms. If you want to farm Sea Ganoderma as a full-time source of income, you may want to focus on Inazuma instead.

Sea Ganoderma is a special plant that can only be found in the oceanic islands. It is a blue plant with fronds that fold outward around a cluster of balls. These plants are used as materials for character ascension for newcomers to Inazuma. Usually, you need three or more of these plants to obtain a higher level. They respawn every two days when the server resets. You can also collect a different type of plant, called Naku Weed or Sakura Bloom.

Suigetsu Pool

Inazuma is home to the neighborhood specialty of Sea Ganoderma. Growing alongside the shorelines barely additional into the ocean, this seaweed is used in crafting materials for Ascension. It’s also a valuable food source for characters. It’s found in the ocean and around the Inazuma coastline, from Enkanomiya to Koseki Island.

Watatsumi Island is the home of the Resistance and has a few Sea Ganoderma locations, but not many. Most of them are located on the outer side of the island. While many locations are enemy-free, be sure to keep an eye out for Ruin Sentinels, especially near Suigetsu Pool. If you’re not using a shield, you’ll probably want to avoid them altogether.

The Fuigetsu Pool is another good location to look for Sea Ganoderma locations. You can also find it near rock formations in the water. Other locations to look for Sea Ganoderma include the shores of the Inazuma region, where you can find scattered plants.

Suigetsu Pool is located in the northeast part of Watatsumi Island. To access it, you must first unlock the Palace in a Pool. It will then lead you to the Suigetsu Pool. After you unlock the Palace in a Pool, you can use your skills to climb up and out.

You can also find a Sea Ganoderma locations on Tsurumi Island near the Statue of Seven. This location is home to several clusters of the sea ganoderma. This location is perfect for farming Sea Ganoderma, but you will need to have Energy Recharge to farm. Raiden Shogun can help with this.