Reasons to use alcohol sanitizer

alcohol based hand sanitizer in India

During the covid conditions the usage of the alcohol sanitizer has become dramatically increasing to stop the spread of the virus across the globe. As much as the hand serves us, they get more contact with the virus, bacteria and other micro organisms. While washing with soap remains a standard mode of cleaning, it doesn’t work out when we go out and work.

The hand sanitizer has now become a mandatory item in the shopping list as it remains the best germ fighter. These are now available in the passage and other areas. Especially when these hand sanitizers are filled with alcohol, they remain more active in killing the germs. The best alcohol based hand sanitizer in India keeps germs and other microorganisms away.

Here in this article we discuss more about the reasons to why we should use or choose the alcohol based sanitizer:

  • Convenience

As we all know that washing our hands remain important to keep ourselves safe from germs, bacterial and virus particles. The best reason to why we should use the alcohol based sanitizer is that it is convenient to carry away with you everywhere. These can be placed in the pockets, purses, and as they are available in the small quantity bottles they still can remain on the desk on the work stations and offices as well.


  • Do not require more time to wash

Unlike washing your hands with soap for 30 seconds and wiping it with cloth getting back to the work is a hassle job and when you use these alcohol based sanitizer, they are easy to use as it requires a drop on the hand to clean the germs and you do not require water or time to clean. It takes hardly 20 seconds to clean and get back to work.

  • Best to kill germs

The alcohol based sanitizers are best to kill the cell wall of the bacteria and thus easily destroys them from getting infected to our body. And using the alcohol based sanitizer reduces the spread of virus and other threatening bacteria when compared with that of the non medicated soaps. When you clean with alcohol that contains 70% capacity, they ensure to kill the pathogens easily. Many bacteria tend to be virulent and when using 70% alcohol they reduce the spreading content in them and ease the infection. Especially in the hospitals and other places where patients are kept in extreme sterile conditions, they maintain to use alcohol hand sanitizers to avoid infections spreading.

  • Idea for sharing

The alcohol based sanitizers are best to carry everywhere and furthermore unlike using the hand soap that gets infected with the hands on repeated usage, these hand based alcohol sanitizers are easy to share when you are in crowd without you giving the sanitizer pack to them. Rather you can still give it a drop and ensure to keep you safe from infections spreading.


With these reasons of using the alcohol based sanitizers, you can still remain safe and get protected from the harmful virus, bacteria and other germs from the environment.