Lisa genshin impact : 2 Skills & Stats

    Lisa genshin impact

    Lisa genshin impact is the fourth free character in Genshin Impact, and she is an Electro castor who wields the Catalyst. Although she isn’t the strongest character, she’s still an excellent option for those who want to regularly deal AoE damage to opponents.

    Stats of Lisa genshin impact

    Lisa’s stats are not terribly high, but she’s strong for a free-to-play character. She’s very fast, tall, and able to traverse the land much faster than other characters. However, her base stats are fairly low, so it’s important to focus on building up Elemental DMG and crafting reactions to take down enemies. A good way to do this is to buy the Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds weapon, which gives her movement speed boosts and increased Elemental DMG every four seconds. Moreover, you can also buy the Thundering Fury artifact set, which greatly increases Lisa’s Electro output.

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    Lisa is a four-star Electro Catalyst character, and she’s available on the Wanderlust Invocation Standard Banner and occasionally in the Stardust Shop. She can be specialised as an Electro DPS or Burst Support, and her Elemental Mastery stat gives her a lot of damage.

    Lisa genshin impact secondary stats should also be strong, with high Crit Rate and Energy Recharge. Likewise, her Damage with Attack and Critical Rate should be higher than 15%. If possible, upgrade your Lisa’s equipment to give her more damage and more Energy Recharge. This will ensure she’s better able to survive more hits. Lisa genshin impact’s main skills are Elemental Mastery, Electro Damage, and Crit Rate. She also benefits from Energy Recharge and Attack Percentage.

    Lisa Genshin Danganronpo Crossovers

    Lisa’s Basic Attack summons a Charged Attack that deals Electro damage and consumes Stamina. This attack is effective even if Lisa is in the air. She can also drop down to deal Electro damage to an enemy. She has two forms of Violet Arc: the first one is a homing lightning orb, while the other gives Conductive Status, which can be applied to three enemies at a time.

    lisa genshin impact

    Skills of Lisa

    When you play as Lisa, you can charge up her elemental skills to deal more damage. You can also hold them for a few seconds for more damage. When you use Lisa’s elemental skills, the circle around your hand will light up. This allows you to hold them for more damage and time their cool down.

    The Hold attack pattern generates elemental particles. It also restores two of Lisa genshin impact’s energy. This skill can be used up to ten times. This skill also increases Lisa’s defense by 25% and increases her resistance to interruption. You can also use this skill if you are playing with two other Pyro characters.

    Lisa’s Elemental Skills can be quite powerful. This free character can deal AoE damage with her Elemental Skills. When used correctly, she can be a devastating damage dealer. She also has a passive talent called Lightning Rose. This skill summons a Lightning Rose, a weapon that deals Electric damage.

    The Elemental Skill Violet Arc has two variations: a charged version and a normal one. The normal version of this skill allows Lisa to charge up a lightning orb that deals Electro damage and applies the “Conductive” status to all enemies within an AOE. This effect can stack up to three times and is better as Lisa’s character level progresses.

    The best Artifact set to use with Lisa genshin impact is the Thundering Fury, which increases her Electro DMG. It also boosts her attacks and her reactions with teammates. The Thundering Fury also reduces Lisa’s elemental skill cooldown.

    Team comps

    When building for Lisa, it is important to consider her team composition and what type of game you are looking to play. While Lisa’s primary role is Support, she is also a viable sub carry. Sub carry builds are designed to maximize her supporting role. You can easily modify Lisa’s base build to create a full-blown Sub Carry build or a main carry build. If you don’t want to spend much money, you can also create cheap Support builds for her that rely on TTDS and 15% DEF shred.

    To maximize her abilities, Lisa must be supported by a sub-DPS. Her best sub-DPS is Xingqiu, but Sucrose is also a good choice. She can also use Elemental Burst, which absorbs and swirls other elements, making her an excellent support for Electro and Hydro users.

    Depending on the composition of the team, Lisa can work as a sub DPS for Eula and Cryo. She also activates Superconduct, a passive that decreases enemy physical damage armour. You should use a healer, such as a Zhongli, if possible. Also, consider using a support such as a Bennett or an Electro to reduce the possibility of staggering your teammates.

    While Noelle is a niche character, her utility is high and her mechanics are interesting. She can slot into the 20s rotation and have decent uptime. She is best used with the Sac GS, and can be very effective in chasing down enemies. Despite the low damage ceiling, she is capable of producing excellent results when the right team composition is made.

    A balanced Lisa build can maximize her performance in every phase of the game. Her main DPS build should focus on her ability to generate Elemental Prticles and deal massive damage. If you use a balanced build, you’ll be able to generate up to 4 Lightning attacks while being in mid-air. The charges will deal Electro damage after a short casting time. Another substat is her Kagura Dance effect, which will boost her Elemental Skill DMG. It also increases her All Elemental DMG bonus when she has 3 stacks.


    When Lisa acquired the Genshin vision in lisa Genshin Impact, she began to wonder why the gods would grant her such an incredible gift. They had never explained how to use it or why they would want anything in return. This made her very suspicious of the Vision and she hoped that someone would finally unravel its secrets.

    Although Lisa is an extremely rare character, it is still possible to obtain an extra copy of her through the game’s main questline, the Genshin Impact story. There are currently no specific rate-ups for Lisa, so it’s not easy to find additional copies. She has appeared in the shop a few times, but these occurrences haven’t followed a regular pattern, and there’s no guarantee that she’ll be available for a long time.

    She is a skilled witch and librarian. In fact, she was once considered the best magic student in Sumeru. Her knowledge and thirst for knowledge impressed Albedo, the Chief Alchemist of the Knights of Favonius. This made Lisa genshin impact even more impressive to Albedo, who was surprised that Lisa would choose such a basic occupation as librarian.

    Danganronpa crossovers

    If you are a fan of anime, then you may be interested in Lisa Genshin Danganronpo crossovers. Although this anime and manga series have very different aesthetics, many of their characters share a lot of similarities. Despite their very different appearances, they share one common trait: pink blood. While Danganronpa may seem like a weird crossover, it fits seamlessly into the Lisa genshin impact world.