Kafka Interview Questions Be Prepared for this Answers

Kafka Interview Questions

The ubiquity of Apache Kafka is going high with plentiful open positions and vocation possibilities in Kafka. Along these lines, in this article, “Most Popular Kafka Interview Questions and Answers” we have gathered the often-posed Apache Kafka Interview Inquiries with Answers for both experienced just as freshers in Kafka Technology. Subsequently, in the event that you are hoping to go to an Apache Kafka talk with, this is the opportune Spot to get ready well.

Best Apache Kafka Interview Questions and Answers

Here is the rundown of the most unmistakable Kafka Interview Questions just as answers that might be asked by any Interviewer. In this way, continue to learn till the finish of the article ” Kafka Interview Questions” to break your meeting in the principal endeavour.

Q.1 What is Apache Kafka?

Ans. Apache Kafka is a distribute buy-in open-source message merchant application. This informing application was coded in “Scala”. Essentially, this undertaking was begun by Apache programming. Kafka’s plan design is chiefly founded on the value-based logs plan.

Q.2 Enlist the few parts in Kafka.

Ans. The main components of Kafka are:

Theme – Kafka Topic is the bundle or an assortment of messages.

Maker – In Kafka, Producers issue interchanges just as distribute messages to a Kafka subject.

Shopper – Kafka Consumers buys into a topic(s) Kafka Interview Questions and peruses and measures messages from the topic(s).

Merchants – While it comes to oversee the capacity of messages in the topic(s) we use Kafka Brokers.

Q.3 Explain the job of the counterbalance.

Ans. There is a consecutive ID number given to the messages in the segments what we call, a counterbalance. In this way, to distinguish each message in the segment remarkably, we utilize these counterbalances.

Q.4 What is a Consumer Group?

Ans. The idea of Consumer Groups is selective to Apache Kafka. Essentially, every Kafka shopper bunch comprises at least one buyers that together devour a bunch of bought in themes.

Q.5 What is the part of the ZooKeeper in Kafka?

Ans. Apache Kafka is a disseminated framework is worked to utilize Zookeeper. Although, Zookeeper’s principle job here is to fabricate coordination between various hubs in a bunch Kafka Interview Questions. Be that as it may, we likewise use Zookeeper to recuperate from recently dedicated counterbalance if any hub falls flat since it functions as occasionally submit balance.

Q.6 Is it conceivable to utilize Kafka without ZooKeeper?

Ans. It is difficult to sidestep Zookeeper and interface straightforwardly to the Kafka worker, so the appropriate response is no. Assuming by one way or another, ZooKeeper is down, at that point it is difficult to support any customer demand.

Q.7 What do you think about Partition in Kafka?

Ans. In each Kafka agent, there are not many parts accessible. Also, here each parcel in Kafka can be either a pioneer or a reproduction of a theme.

Q.8 Why is Kafka innovation important to utilize?

Ans. There are a few benefits of Kafka, which makes it important to utilize:


We needn’t bother with any huge equipment in Kafka interview questions, since it is equipped for taking care of high-speed and high-volume information. Besides, it can likewise uphold the message throughput of thousands of messages each second.

Flaw Tolerant

Kafka is impervious to hub/machine disappointment inside a bunch.


As Kafka upholds messages replication, thus, messages are rarely lost. It is one reason behind sturdiness.


Kafka can be scaled-out, without bringing about any vacation on the fly by adding extra hubs.

Q.9 What are customers or clients?

Ans. For the most part, Kafka Consumer buys into a topic(s) and peruses and measures messages from the topic(s). Besides, with a customer bunch name, Consumers name themselves Kafka Interview Questions. At the end of the day, inside each buying in purchaser bunch, each record distributed to a point is conveyed to one customer occasion. Ensure it is conceivable that Consumer cases can be in independent cycles or on isolated machines.

Q.10 What guarantees load adjusting of the worker in Kafka?

Ans. As the principal job of the Leader is to play out the errand of all peruse and compose demands for the segment, though Followers latently duplicate the pioneer Kafka Interview Questions. Thus, at the hour of Leader falling flat, one of the Followers take over the part of the Leader. Essentially, this whole cycle guarantees load adjusting of the workers.

Q.11 What jobs do Replicas and the ISR play?

Ans. Essentially, a rundown of hubs that repeat the log Kafka Interview Questions is Replicas. Particularly, for a specific parcel. Be that as it may, they are regardless of whether they assume the part of the Leader.

Moreover, ISR alludes to In-Sync Replicas. On characterizing ISR, it is a bunch of message copies that are adjusted to the pioneers. This are the some most questions which asked in kafka interview.If you are preparing for this interview be ready with them.