Kaeya Genshin Impact: What You Need to Know

Kaeya genshin impact

Kaeya Genshin Impact – Our complete Genshin Impact Kaeya walkthrough is here! Knights of Favonius Captain Kaeya of Calgary. He is suppose to be trustworthy and self-assure as Grand Master Jean’s helper. yet he can be too theatrical and has a sneaky streak.

It seems as though Kaeya doesn’t quite fit in with the rest of Kaeya Genshin Impact Knights of Favonius. Instead of being honest, extroverted, and ambitious. Kaeya genshin impact prefers to take matters into his own hands and take the law into his own hands in Mondstadt. This can lead to additional complaints of criminal activity in the community. Depending on Kaeye’s mood and actions in the community.

Kaeya has also been know to cause difficulty for the. Traveler to pull criminals he has been following out of hiding. He’s a four-star cryo character who uses a sword to defeat his opponents.

1. In the manga, Kaeya wore an eyepatch to protect her eyes.

A few characters from the game’s prequel manga appear in the game itself, including Kaeya. Even though he wasn’t showing any indications of melancholy, he was still wearing his eyepatch when we last saw him. When he faces Diluc, he doesn’t remove the eyepatch. No one in the storey addresses it.

He informs that he was the final chance for Khaenri’ah, which sparked fans to speculate that the eyepatch has something to do with his background.

2. Rosaria enjoys playing pranks on people.

 In Kaeya Genshin Impact, Kaeya Rosaria is attempting to hide from Barbara. Rosaria is quite similar to Diluc in the way she looks after the people of Mondstadt. One of the methods she uses to get information is to get Kaeya intoxicate to speak. Getting drunk seems to be one of Kaeya’s weaknesses. And it appears that he may be unaware of how much information he is disclosing when intoxicated.

On the other hand, Rosaria often seems to do this. Raising the possibility that Kaeya is unconcern with the information he disseminates.

3. Diluc is his younger brother.

The startling fact players discover about Diluc is that Kaeya is his younger brother, a pleasant surprise. Although the two do not get along,. Kaeya was adopt by Diluc’s father after his biological father abandon him in front of the winery. They were close and seems to agree on everything at one point. However, the pair’s relationship underwent a dramatic transformation when their father passed away.

4. He is a well-liked marriage prospect, which influences Kaeya.

Many of the people of Mondstadt, including Kaeya’s brother Diluc,. Are compelles to match their children with Kaeya and his brother Diluc. In the eyes of many of the parents of Mondstadt, Kaeya is a devout and attractive young man who would make an excellent son-in-law for their children. This is because his frigid behaviour is not well known. No matter how hard she tries, Kaeya doesn’t appear to be interested in dating or marriage.

5. He enjoys a good drink – Kaeya Genshin Impact

Diluc and Kaeya are a couple who have been together for a long time. Kaeya is claims to be more often encounters at bars than in the Knights’ headquarters,. Where Jean and Amber are assigned to their duties. Kaeya doesn’t seem to care whatever tavern he attends as long as it has his favorite wine,. Which appears to be a rare occurrence. He is well-known for frequenting Cat’s Tail and his brother’s pub on the same night.

Kaeya mentions alcohol multiple times throughout his voice lines and tale, demonstrating how much he enjoys drinking.

6. He’s a sadist

If Kaeya turns out to be an adversary, it will come as no surprise to the gamers. Kaeya is a ruthless leader who treats both his men and his foes with extreme cruelty. He got kick out of watching individuals around him freak out, mainly if he was the one who put them in the difficult circumstance in which they found themselves.

The fact that Kaeya wasn’t even worries when seeing his father’s death and instead found the scenario amusing demonstrates exactly how derange he is.

7. He keeps a close eye on everyone, including Diluc and Kaeya.

Kaeya needs to have colleagues from many walks of life when he seeks to locate drinking mates at the pubs. This includes treasure hunters and thieves, whom he maintains a running list of regularly. According to Kaeya Genshin Impact, consuming alcohol and engaging in social activities is another way to extract information from his adversaries. When questioned about his list, though, he seemed bewildered, as if it had no significance to him.

8. He Was Working as a Spy

It turns out that Kaeya was a spy sent to Mondstadt by a neighboring territory known as Khaenri’ah, which is a shocking twist in the plot. Even though Kaeya’s objective is still a little mysterious, all indications point to the little kid being sent to harm the wine business of the area to cause the economy to suffer. Kaeya was a brilliant detective, and the only person who knew anything about him was someone he chose to tell about him.

9. Only Diluc Is Aware Of The Truth

Kaeya’s actual origins are only known to Diluc, the only other person in Mondstadt who is aware of them. Unfortunately, Kaeya reveals the truth to Diluc on the same knight who had kill his father, resulting in the two being forces into a battle. Diluc not only lost his father that night, but he also lost his brother, who has come to be quite close to him.

Kaeya has come to terms with the fact that he will have to keep his secret a secret forever and has decided to support Mondstadt wholeheartedly.

10. He Despises Grape Juice

However, when it comes to the flavor of grape juice, Kaeya finds it challenging to comprehend why Diluc consumes it. Kaeya believes that excellent juice is one of the worst beverages ever invent and would rather that the grapes that went into the liquid be uses to produce even more alcohol than consume.

Based on his general preferences, it’s reasonable to assume that he hates most fruity drinks that don’t include alcoholic beverages.

11. He is unpredictable in two ways.

Kaeya’s behaviour even garners some of Jean’s condemnation as a result of his actions. However, Kaeya prefers to go about things his way rather than the standard method. It may be challenging to foresee how Kaeya will continue with a procedure or what equipment he will need to finish it before it takes place. Individuals around Kaeya shouldn’t have absolute faith in him unless they wish to become pawns in his schemes.

12. It’s possible that he won’t lose an eye in the accident.

The eyepatch that Kaeyas wears is one of the most distinguishing characteristics, and even Paimon is curious about it. Although Kaeya claims his eyepatch is nothing more than a fashion item, based on his previous techniques of speaking the truth, this may or may not be accurate in this particular instance.

It’s difficult to determine if Kaeya is hiding a secret behind the eyepatch or is just enjoying the sense of mystery it offers him.

Kaeya Genshin Impact : Kaeya’s Favorite Weapons, Artifacts, and Construction

It would be excellent if you were seeking Artifact sets for Kaeya, you would look at the Noblesse Oblige Artifacts. This will increase the damage dealt by Kaeya’s Elemental Burst by 20 per cent. If four of the Artifacts in this set are don, it will additionally increase the ATK of the other members of the Kaeya Genshin Impact party by 20% for a total of twelve seconds.

As a result, the Artifacts of Kaeya benefit the whole party. The Exile is set, on the other hand, is a more frequent Artifact set. This increases Kaeya’s Cryo DMG and ATK, plus it has the potential to improve his Energy Recharge by up to 20%. Both of these Artifact setups allow Kaeya to maximize his Cryo damage while also increasing the effectiveness of his standard strikes.

The 5-star Skyward Blade, for example, is comparable to Kaeya’s 5-star Cryo Blade in Genshin Impact since both characters are swordfighters who use Cryo. The 4-star Alley Flash, on the other hand, may be great for Kaeya because it increases his ATK by 28 per cent. Cool Steel is a three-star weapon, making it quite frequently in the game. It’s also excellent choice for Kaeya in Genshin Impact since Cool Steel increases damage dealt with foes that Cryo has weakens.

Conclusion : Kaeya Genshin Impact

While characters obtained via the Wish system may eventually outperform Kaeya, he is still one of the most significant free characters in Kaeya Genshin Impact and one of the best in the game. He can become quite strong with the correct character development, and he is unquestionably an asset to any squad. Genshin Impact players who want to get the most out of Kaeya may do so by equipping him with artefacts and weapons that enhance his ATK numbers while also improving the effectiveness of his Cryo abilities.