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How to Reset a Samsung Phone That is Locked [2023 Must Read]

Are you planning to factory reset your phone, but the Android screen is unavailable? We got you covered. In this article, we will guide you on how to factory reset Android without password. Here you will learn different ways to reset a Samsung phone that is locked. Continue reading the article to find out how to factory reset Samsung phone when locked.

When do we need to factory reset the Samsung phone?

Undoubtedly, Factory reset is the ideal way to fix different issues, such as resetting your settings, clearing data, fixing system glitches, and more. Apart from that, if you want to reset your locked phone, then it is only possible by factory resetting your phone. Below we have mentioned other reasons why people want to factory reset a Samsung phone. 

  1. Factory reset is compulsory when you want to wipe off data from a Second-hand mobile. 
  2.  When your apps are crashing regularly 
  3. If you want to fix Samsung’s frozen screen
  4. Factory reset is required to fix different Samsung issues 
  5. If you are the owner of the smartphone and want  to make a fresh start, then factory resetting the phone is the best option

These are the common reasons why you need to factory reset Samsung phone. Below we have discussed different ways that you can use to factory reset Android phone. 

Must-Read:Quick and effective tool to Reset Android phone

If you are searching for an effective software to factory reset Samsung quickly, you must read Tenorshare Android Reset Solution. Tenorshare 4uKey for Android is a tool for Samsung reset password. Let’s see how to reset a Samsung phone that is locked. 

  1. Download and run the app on your PC. After it is installed, click the “Remove Screen Lock” option. Make sure your Samsung device is connected to the PC. 
  1. From the main interface, click the “Remove Screen Lock” option to bypass the password. 
  1. In the next step, click the “Start” option, and this software will send you a notification to erase the data. If you have read the information, click the “YES” option to continue the process. 
  1. Next, enter the recovery mode and reboot your system. Within a few seconds, Samsung will be bypassed, and your screen lock will be removed. 

That’s it! You have finally removed the screen lock successfully. In addition to doing factory reset Samsung, Tenorshare 4uKey for Android also fix your Android lock issues.

  • It can remove Android passwords, including PINs, fingerprints, and face recognition. 
  • You can bypass Samsung lock FRP without password. 
  • It is compatible with almost all Samsung devices. 
  • You can easily secure unlocking within minutes. 

How to factory reset a Samsung phone

How to factory reset a Samsung phone that is locked? Here are different ways that you can use factory reset Android without password. 

  1. Factory reset a locked Samsung phone with Buttons
  2. Factory Reset Samsung That is Locked won’t Turn Off
  3.  Factory Reset a Samsung Phone That is Locked Using Samsung Find My  Mobile
  4.   Reset a Samsung Phone When Locked with ADM

 Let’s discuss these ways one by one. 

Method 1: Factory reset a locked Samsung phone with Buttons

Android Recovery mode is the perfect solution to factory reset your Samsung phone. This option is best for phones with buttons. Let’s see how hard reset works. 

  • First, you have to turn off your Samsung phone, and for that, you have to hold the Volume Up, Power, and Home buttons at the same time. Now, wait for the OS to run. 
  • You will be moved to the installing System update screen. From there, you have to choose the Wipe Data/Factory Reset option. You can use the power button to choose the option. 
  • Now, choose the “YES” option, and soon all your data will be deleted. Once done, reboot the device, and you are good to go. 

 Method 2: Factory Reset Samsung That is Locked won’t Turn Off

If your Samsung phone is locked and you are unable to Factory reset it, then don’t worry. You can use Tenorshare 4uKey for Android, which helps factory reset your Samsung device. This application is easy to use and removes screen lock without data loss. Want to know more about this app? Continue reading the article. 

 Method 3: Reset A Samsung Phone Using Find My Mobile

The third way that you can use to reset a Samsung phone that is locked in is by using Find My Mobile. Using this feature, you can quickly locate your device and can also reset the password. Here is how this feature works.

  • Open the link on your PC or your mobile device. Next, sign in to your Samsung account by adding your email address and password. 
  • Make sure your location is turned on. After that, select the “Unlock” option to unlock your device remotely.
  • Now, enter your Samsung account password and then click on the  “Unlock” button.

Method 4: Reset a Samsung Phone When Locked with ADM

ADM, also known as Android Device Manager, is another way to reset your Samsung device. This process is simple and works for most Android devices. Here is how you can reset a Samsung phone using ADM. 

  • Open the ADM website and sign into your Google account, which is linked to your Samsung device.
  • Choose the device from which you want to erase the data and click the “Erase Device” option. In this way, you can easily factory reset the device without the password. 


  • This method will delete all your content, and remember that you won’t be able to locate the device once the data is removed. 

Part 4: Conclusion

 If your Samsung phone has been locked and you don’t know the password but still want to factory reset, we recommend Tenorshare 4uKey for Android to factory reset without the password. Also, it can bypass Samsung within minutes without worrying about data loss. 



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