How To Prevent And Treat Lip Fungus?

antifungal cream for lips

If you are noticing painful cracks and redness on your lips or inside the mouth then you might be having fungus on your lips. Because crack and redness on the lips are the major signs of lip fungus. It usually happens when yeast overgrows in your mouth or on your lips. If you are going through any such issue then you should try to know the reasons behind it and start using antifungal cream for lips after consulting a doctor. 

What are the symptoms of lips fungus? Infection can be developed in any part of the mouth of yours including lips, tongue, cheeks, roof of mouth. Experts through their studies claim that when candida overgrows in your mouth, it can lead to fungus on the lips. 

If you are having lip fungus then you might be experiencing: 

  • Itching, burning and cracking on your lips.
  • Your lips or mouth may start developing white patches on them. 

Cheilosis and cheilitis are the medical names of such itching and cracking. If you too are experiencing the issues mentioned above then you are having the problem of lips fungus. Before these issues expand to your throat, you should start its treatment. 

There are various things that can cause fungus on your lips:

  • Not maintaining the hygiene of your mouth.
  • If you excessively rub your teeth or mouth, it can also cause lip fungus. 
  • Smoking is one of the main reasons behind this.
  • If your intake of sugar is in excess then it can also cause the problem of lips fungus. 
  • Diabetes may also cause this problem. 

Along with these reasons if your immune system is weak then you might have to face this issue. 

How can you treat lip fungus? 

Lip fungus is not such a problem that can not be treated. You can go to a dentist or a physician to know the exact reason behind the lip fungus and how can you treat it. Using an antifungal lip cream can be very helpful in treating lip fungus. Oral anti-yeast medicines can also be very helpful in such a case. A mild lip fungus can last for one or two weeks, however, if the conditions are severe then it can last longer also. 

To treat lip fungus, it is of great importance to maintain oral hygiene that is why you should brush your teeth daily and also may use a mouthwash. You may also need to replace your toothbrush because using an old toothbrush can also negatively affect the hygiene of your mouth and can result in lip fungus. 

Lip fungus infection can be very painful and irritating, therefore, even if at present you do not have this problem, you should follow the tips to prevent it. 

  • Make sure you are maintaining the hygiene of your mouth. 
  • You need to stop the habit of licking or rubbing the corners of your mouth. 
  • Put restrictions on your smoking habit. 

By following these tips, you can prevent the fungus from developing on your lips. You can also look over the web to know more about it.