How to Arrange More RAM For Minecraft?

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One of the most asked question by my friends recently is – How to allocate more RAM to minecraft. They were quite happy with the current version of the game and didn’t want to upgrade to v1.5 when the new one will be out soon. They are not alone in this as I have also been having the same problem. In this article I will tell you more about this and provide my solution.

According to Microsoft Store, you require a minimum of 8 GB of ram to play MineCraft for Windows. Again if you have an RTX machine, you’re lucky. Otherwise, the game has only official support for RTX graphics cards, hence you do have to make sure that you have at least 8 GB of ram to play the game smoothly. There are several ways on how to allocate more ram to minecraft. You can either use the default settings, which are fine for most people, or tweak the settings according to your needs. The easiest way to get started is by using the “Better Than Default” or “Tweak Performance” modules to customize the performance of the game.

Minecraft- Lets See How You can Allocate More RAM?

The best part is you can keep your settings the way they are and get a nice frame rate with optimal details by using the right settings. However, if you are still having issues with performance and would like to know how to allocate more ram to minecraft, then tweaking the settings is not for you. This is where the other option comes in. There are many third party programs available online, and some of them come with their own optimization and repair packs. I decided to share some tips on how I increased my performance by just changing a few settings.

The very first thing I did was remove all viruses and malware from my computer. This was done by running a registry cleaner software and scanning the entire system. After the scan, it gave me a list of infections and a list of registry keys that were corrupted. So you see, there is no need for me to get a new version of minecraft. Just use the existing installation. I went ahead to use the “How to allocate more RAM to Minecraft” program that came along with the scanner to scan and repair errors.

After the scan and repairs, the system was back to normal. The next step was how to allocate more ram to minecraft without modifying any game files. I turned to the individual video card drivers, which were all over the place. Most of them were corrupt or damaged so I had to make some quick changes to get the system running smoothly again. I disabled some unnecessary services and enabled others that were still needed.

I went ahead to open up the “My Computer” window where I could locate the drivers and programs that were installed. To me, this step was extremely important because otherwise, if I was to change things around, I would have to restart my computer and lose everything that was installed previously. Once I was done, I turned to the advanced options which allowed me to change various aspects of the computer including the RAM and the system’s boot process. Since the default settings were fine, I changed them to fit my needs:

By enabling the “Use customizations,” I got to select the three dots under the “system tools” section. I selected “ram settings,” selected the “New” tab, and filled in the required information. Then I clicked “OK.”

After doing all these steps, I closed the “task manager” so that I wouldn’t have to click “start” each time I opened up the Control Panel window. And then I clicked “OK” a couple of times so that the changes that I had made would take effect in my computer’s task manager. When I checked the task manager, I discovered that my computer was indeed using a lot less memory than before. I was able to increase the size of the RAM cache, increase the number of active threads, tweak the “processor priority” options, adjust the “system policies” settings, and tweak various other components of my computer, including the Windows registry.