How OTT Platforms Are Fuelling An Unhealthy Entertainment Addiction

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We used to go to the theater or save up our money to buy DVDs from our local DVD stores.

Movie nights used to be exciting!

Now, they are just fighting their way in through the busy schedules and the boredom; now, everything is available in the palm of our hands.

But, that doesn’t mean that we are not utilizing these OTT platforms.

In fact, we are utilizing them to the point of no return so much that it is getting a little unhealthy at one point.

This is one of the reasons why we need to discuss this issue.

If you find yourself or someone you know utilizing these platforms a lot, it is possible that they are having an issue.

A few unhealthy habits could be fuelled because of these OTT platforms, and you should know about them.

What Are OTT platforms?

OTT platforms are Over the top platforms that offer you entertainment content over the internet.

These are mostly on-demand contents which you might have to pay for from time to time.

This has created some waves among the entertainment industry, but audiences still believe that the choice of the content does not suffice for the payment that they have to give every month.

This is one of the reasons why many are shifting to decentralized legal torrenting platforms like the pirate bay.

If you are also tired of the prices and these OOT platforms drilling a hole through your pocket. You can start downloading recently released high-quality content from the pirate bay.

They have a significantly larger variety of content, no geographical border, and have much shorter downloading time than any OTT platform.

Now, let us understand the issue with these OTT platforms.

OTT Platforms & How They Are Fueling Unhealthy Entertainment Addiction

Now that we have understood the issue with its pricing, here is what we must know about the different unhealthy habits that this is fueling in society.

1. On-Demand Content – Binge Addiction

Let us first determine one thing. There was a time when we waited for the television to air our favorite newly released movie, and now they are everywhere.

You will find two to three OTT platforms that are showing the same thing. Thus, binge addiction is the biggest problem that people suffer. There have been cases where viewers have not left their couch or bed for hours just to finish a series.

This is not only extremely dangerous to the retinas but can also make you less productive, eventually harming your mental health.

2. Spending Too Much On Them

We are seeing audiences spend hundreds of dollars a year just so they can have the proper fast internet connection to get full HD pictures. Plus, they are paying for more than one OTT on-demand platform so that they can have more options to watch.

You see a new movie and suddenly are desperate to watch it, but the platform you are used to doesn’t air that?

What do you do then?

Any viewer who is addicted to binge will immediately pay for another OTT platform that will allow you to watch that.

This can take a serious toll on your salary, and you might end up with no savings by the end of it.

3. Mindless Content

There is so much competition among film and series makers to get the maximum audience that most OTT platforms end up with mindless content purely for entertainment.

We have to understand cinematography is an art, and creating on-demand content at a fast pace might be putting a negative mark on that.

We must not forget the art amidst the race of fame and popularity.

Plus, these OTT platforms are created to consume more internet than usual. This is why it is so difficult for us to air them with cellular data.

Enjoy Don’t Consume!

Too much of anything can’t be healthy, and that is why there has to be a balance between entertainment and your lifestyle.

Ensure that whatever you are watching, you truly enjoy!

Try bringing back movie nights and enjoy it with your friends and family rather than just consuming something mindlessly.