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How Old is a Jinx in Arcane Wonders?

how old is jinx in arcane

How Old is a Jinx in Arcane Wonders

How Old is a Jinx in Arcane Wonders : If you are playing the game Arcane Wonders, you may be asking yourself, “How old is a jinx?” This question has been asked by many players, and it can be a tricky one to answer. As you will see, there are a variety of factors that go into how old a jinx is, including the personality traits of the jinx, its age, and its ranged attack. It’s also important to keep in mind that some jinxes are immune to certain types of attacks, while others are not.

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The League of Legends character Viktor is an idealist who seeks to improve humankind. His motivation is to be the herald of the new age of technology.

He is a member of the Battlemage class. He is also a detective. He helps Jayce Talis, the protagonist, in his quest to recreate magic.

He is the assistant to the Dean of the Piltover academy. In the first season of Arcane, he was a young man with a socially isolated upbringing in the undercity of Piltover.

Viktor is also a member of the Council. As the Head of the Council, he has a hand in many important matters. One of the most important is to ensure that the Undercity of Piltover is freed from Zaun.

The lore of the League of Legends suggests that Viktor is about a decade older than his counterpart. The character is portrayed as having an impressive scientific mind, and his thirst for knowledge and power are evident throughout the series.

He has a strong sense of self. He believes that ends justify means, and he has a keen ability to snag fragments to augment his abilities.

In addition to his role as a detective, Viktor is an Assistant to the Dean of the Piltover Academy. He works with Jayce to make a major breakthrough in the field of Hextech.

He is one of the few heroes in the series who can be seen as a foil to Powder. He has a strong interest in the science of hextech, and his quest to recreate magic is a clear indication that he has a passion for science.


Ekko is an important character in Arcane. He is one of the few people to survive Silco’s attack. In Arcane, his storyline is very interesting. It focuses on trauma and the struggle for a better future.

In the first episode of Arcane, Ekko is a child. His parents were factory workers and he has a genius-level intellect. They vowed to give their son a good future.

As a child, Ekko spent most of his time playing with other kids. But he was also very curious about clocks. One day, he discovered a bright blue crystal in the rubble of a factory. When he started experimenting on the crystal, he found out that it could be used to manipulate time. This discovery triggered a series of experiments that created a ‘cloud’ of time-reality.

Ekko’s parents were afraid of the pollution in Zaun and the crime in the undercity. Their fear of the Piltover enforcers led them to hide their community in the shadows. However, the community was actually paradise compared to the ravaged lanes of the Shimmer trade.

Ekko was rescued by former Councilor Heimerdinger. He then went to work for Benzo in his pawn shop. There, he began to spy on his customers.

Ekko and Benzo become close. At one point, Benzo’s death causes a crack in Ekko’s mature demeanor.

Ekko’s personality is a little bit like that of a mini Vi. However, he is less aggressive than Silco. Despite this, he does have his own place in Runeterra.

In League of Legends, Ekko has a nickname, “The Boy Who Shattered Time.” He is a character who is able to craft the perfect moment to attack and escape.


Many League of Legends fans have asked about the Age of Jinx. This character is a younger sibling of Vi, and is one of the first champions of the game. She also serves as a member of the media brand of the game.

While the exact age of Jinx is not a given, it is estimated to be about 10 to 15 years old in Arcane. Her official height is 172 cm.

However, it has been suggested that she is actually much older, up to twenty-one years. It is not entirely known whether she is a human or a Zaunite.

Another factor to consider is her name. As a child, she was known as Powder. Later, she changed her name to Jinx.

At the end of the first act, Jinx was adopted by Silco. He is a crime lord who helped her become a criminal. In his last words, he referred to her as a “perfect” member of his crew.

Jinx has a quick moving mind. She’s been able to develop weapons and contraptions. Some of these devices include a grenade and a doll.

Another item of interest is her shimmer. Although this is not a real thing, it does help her in the game.

As a young girl, Jinx was clumsy and often made mistakes. Unfortunately, her missteps made her a target for the Firelights, a Zaunite gang. They were able to capture her and her younger sister.

She was able to find the shimmer, but she had to learn to use it correctly. Once she was able to do this, she became more powerful.

Jinx is a great ranged attacker, and is able to inflict a lot of damage during video game matches. She is one of the first Zaunite to use hextech gemstones.

Personality traits

There are many questions you might have about the character of Jinx from Arcane. For instance, how old is she? Is she the protagonist of the show?

Jinx is the younger sister of Vi, the main protagonist of the series. She is also the daughter of Vander, who adopted her and Vi.

As she grows older, Jinx begins to become more impulsive, destructive, and shady. Her actions end up destroying her family. But she eventually overcomes her past and takes on a new identity.

The development team of Arcane fell in love with the concept art for Jinx and decided to bring her to life. This resulted in a great deal of work, including a year-long design process.

One of the most impressive things about the design of Jinx was her arsenal of weapons. From a minigun nicknamed “Pow-Pow” to a customized rocket launcher nicknamed “Fishbones”, you’ll find a lot of ways to attack.

Another interesting detail about Jinx is her ability to reverse-engineer technology. This led to her becoming the first Zaunite to utilize hextech gemstones. It also helped her survive the bombing of a bridge.

Lastly, there is the fact that Jinx’s age is actually a little over a year old. However, the writer of Arcane said that she would be at least 11 years old. That age was narrowed down to about 15 years later in the show’s second act.

During the production of Arcane, the show’s writers worked on League of Legends Champion Team. They also partnered with Passion Paris to create a music video for the Jinx theme song.

In addition to being an interesting character, Jinx has a very strong personality. Although she’s been described as a nutty and sadistic teenager, she’s also soft-hearted and charming.

Ranged attack

Jinx is one of the most popular characters in League of Legends. With her ranged attack and kiting-style firefight tactics, she can catch opponents off-guard. She’s also a great late game powerhouse.

Jinx’s primary weapons are a customized rocket launcher nicknamed “Fishbones” for its shark-inspired design, as well as an explosive grenade called “Flame Chompers.”

Jinx can also use a shock pistol. Her basic attacks deal bonus percent attack damage in an area surrounding her target. This can provide extra coverage or poke enemies in the lane.

Jinx can also throw snare grenades to detonate them after five seconds. These grenades do area-of-effect damage and drain Mana. They’re best used to defend against champions.

Jinx’s CC options include Blitzcrank and Exhaust, both of which can start 2-vs-2 fights at any time. If you’re a strong top lane fighter, you’ll want to focus on this ability.

Jinx’s ultimate ability, Super Mega Death Rocket, allows her to ride a giant rocket into the sky. The rocket gathers velocity over the first second, and then it explodes after colliding with an enemy champion. It deals magic and physical damage to enemies nearby and sets the area on fire for the remainder of the round.

Jinx’s Champion Spell is Get Excited!, which boosts her DPS for a short period of time. She can also steal an objective with her Ultimate.

Jinx is not a magical character, but she does have high Dexterity, which helps her with defense. She’s also a tinkerer. As a result, her build should reflect her high energy and high spirit.

Jinx is best played with a teammate. She can also work well with other champions who can provide defense and team-strength, like Lulu or Amumu.



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