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How Old Are Margie and Tommy?

how old are margie and tommy

How Old Are Margie and Tommy

How Old Are Margie and Tommy : If you have been wondering how old are Margie and Tommy? You might be surprised to learn that they are both just as young as you are! Getting into their junior years is a time when many kids are feeling like they have a lot to learn. Luckily, they can take advantage of some of the best classes available in the country to help them get ahead in life!

Mechanical teachers

Margie is an 11 year old girl. She attends school every day, except on Saturdays. But she has been doing poorly on geography tests. Her mother has sent for a County Inspector. He has been trained to fix mechanical teachers.

Margie’s mother thought that little girls learn better when they study at regular times. She also thought that the ancient days of school were much better than the modern day schools.

Margie’s mechanical teacher was giving tests in geography. Everyday, he started at the same time. She felt bored, but she followed the routine.

When she failed a geography test, Margie was not pleased. Margie hated the idea of writing down the answers in a punch code. So she did not submit her homework. Luckily, the County Inspector came to her rescue.

The inspector was a little man with a red face. His job was to look at Margie’s mechanical teacher and see if it was working. If he determined that it was not, he would fix it.

Once the inspector found out that it was not working, he slowed down the gears. This caused the mechanical teacher to go to an average ten year old speed.

After this, Margie’s performance improved. But still she had trouble with the history and arithmetic tests.

Margie and Tommy attended a virtual school. Their lessons were done through a computer. They studied many subjects, including maths and geography. The school had a lot of electronic gadgets and robots.

Although Margie and Tommy were impressed by the machine, they were disappointed with the human teacher. They preferred the idea of a real teacher.

Margie thinks that a real school is a fun place to be. She wants to be in a group of kids from different places.

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Margie and Tommy are two children living in the year 2157. In this time, the schools are different from what they are today. They have mechanical teachers and computers. These teachers do not have classrooms and they do not require books. Instead, they teach various subjects individually.

Margie is eleven years old. She hates school. Her mother thinks that she would learn better if she goes to school regularly. The only problem with this is that her school is located in her own house. There is no playground and no recess.

To make matters worse, Margie’s computer teacher was boring. She thought it was more fun to learn from computers than reading books.

At six years old, Margie started to learn punch code. This is a code that she uses to input her homework.

She and Tommy study various subjects at home. Their subjects include History, Geography, Maths, and Arithmetic. They also have telebooks. Telebooks are digitalized books that can be read on TV or computer screens.

Margie has never seen a real book before. She feels strange when Tommy brings one to her.

When she opened the book, she noticed that the words did not move. It reminded her of her grandfather’s old school. Moreover, the book had yellow pages. And it was written by her grandfather when he was a little kid.

After reading the book, Margie wrote about it in her diary. She wrote about the old book and how weird it was that it had yellow pages. She also noted that the words did not move like the ones on the screen.

Margie’s diary entry is set in the year 2157. Despite all the changes, she still believes that learning from computers is more fun than reading books.


Margie and Tommy are young children who live in a world in 2157. They have a very strange experience that is completely unlike their own.

The two of them are neighbours. Margie is eleven years old, and Tommy is thirteen. Both are good friends. At this time, Margie has a mechanical teacher who teaches her at home. She also learns Geography and Maths.

Margie’s school was in her bedroom. It was a virtual school, and was custom-built for her needs. Her subjects were Mathematics, History, and Geography.

When Margie and Tommy went to school, Margie’s mother would interrupt them. However, they love spending time together. So, they often read together.

Margie was fascinated by the book. But when she tried to read it, she found it strange. It was wrinkled and had yellow pages. She had never seen a book like this before.

After reading the book, Margie wrote down her impressions in a diary. She called it “Today Tommy found a real book.”

In the past, all kids went to school. Usually, the school was a big building. There were hundreds of students in the same place. Their teacher told them things and asked them to complete their homework.

Later on, Margie learned to write the answers as punch codes. This helped her to pass the tests she took.

Finally, Margie and Tommy came across a book. They were shocked and excited. Not only was the book old and weird, but the words were stationary.

However, when they were reading it, they realized the words moved. And, it was a very good book. One of their great-grandfathers had taught them that a hundred years ago, all stories were printed on paper.

Days and hours of school

The days and hours of school for Carrie and Tommy have passed. They are now a married couple and are busy raising their six children. However, Carrie is still nervous about her upcoming prom. She is also eager to show off her dance moves. Despite her mother’s objections, she agrees to attend the sexiest night of her life with her boyfriend, Tommy.

Carrie White is the epitome of a misfit. Her mother is overprotective, but Carrie’s naiveté causes her to be bullied. As a result, she ends up being locked in a prayer closet. It isn’t until later that she realizes that she has supernatural powers.

Carrie’s teacher, Miss Gardner, is also a religious zealot. She is a firm believer in the power of prayer and aspires to see Carrie’s soul saved from God’s wrath.

In the words of one of the students, the days and hours of school for Carrie and her best friend Chris have passed. During the day, she is constantly pestered by her prankster boyfriend, Billy Nolan. On the flip side, Chris has problems of her own.

Among the days and hours of school for Carrie is the prom. When Sue asks Tommy to go with her, he reluctantly agrees. Although, Carrie is hesitant to have her picture taken with him. Ultimately, she wins the day and becomes Prom Queen.

On her way home, she meets her mother, Margaret. After a brief flirtation, Carrie decides to ask her mother for forgiveness for her actions. Sadly, she receives a harsh reality check. Luckily, her mother has an excellent memory.

Among the days and hours of carrie and her partner are the prom and their parents’ wedding. During this special day, Carrie realizes that she’s not as bad as she thinks.

Subjects taught in class 9

Class 9 is one of the most important academic years of a student’s life. This is the time when students start determining what they would like to pursue in the future. For this reason, it is essential that students develop an aptitude for all subjects.

In addition to the subject, students should focus on their extracurricular activities to make sure that they get the exposure they need to make informed decisions. Students should start preparing for entrance exams as early as possible.

The subjects that are included in the curriculum of class 9 include Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Maths. They are used to develop a student’s analytical skills and mental discipline. These concepts can be used in a variety of disciplines, including business.

As the year progresses, more advanced concepts are taught in Class 9. For example, students learn about the law of motion, how to use a microscope and how to make an accurate timeline.

Some of the topics that are emphasized in the curriculum of class 9 are surface areas, laws of motion, and probability. Also, the syllabus includes coordinate geometry, statistics, force, sound, and atoms.

There are many students who find the curriculum of Class 9 difficult. It is vital for these students to follow a study program and set weekly and monthly goals. By focusing on various chapters, they can ensure that they cover the course material completely.

Moreover, the subjects discussed in class 9 also provide a basis for the study of other subjects. Mathematics is an important aspect of Class 9 because students need to understand the basic concepts before moving to higher classes.

Getting good marks in mathematics can help students enter the workforce or go on to a variety of careers. However, students should take care to keep their grades high.



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