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How Does Toto Come to Your Grandfather’s Private Zoo?

how does toto come to grandfathers private zoo

How Does Toto Come to Your Grandfather’s Private Zoo?

How Does Toto Come to Your Grandfather’s Private Zoo : If you have ever wondered how does Toto come to your grandfather’s private zoo then you are not alone. This is one of the most common questions asked by parents, grandparents and many other people, especially those who are interested in keeping a pet. However, it is not always easy to keep a pet. So, let us take a look at some of the factors to consider.

Keeping a naughty monkey like Toto can be a nuisance

A monkey named Toto is a very naughty little thing. It was not long before he proved to be a real nuisance to everyone at the house.

When the naughty little one walked into the house, all the household items began to break. He also destroyed the wallpaper and damaged some of the clothes.

But Grandfather was a naturalist and an animal lover. So he decided to buy the little red monkey and keep him in his private zoo. However, Grandmother did not approve of this, as she did not like any new animals in the house.

Toto had an adorable smile and pearly white teeth. He was very attractive and mischievous. And he had a very gracious tail. His tail served as his third hand.

The naughty monkey broke the blazer, tore down the wallpaper and caused other problems. Eventually, he was put into a big cage with other pets. This was not easy to keep him as a pet.

The naughty monkey also frightened old Anglo-Indian ladies. His white teeth scared them. As a result, he would not let any of the other pets sleep at night.

Although he was a naughty monkey, it did not stop Grandfather from trying to get him to adjust to the house. For example, when Toto went to take a bath in a hot kettle, he jumped in and nearly boiled himself. That was enough to scare the ticket collector at the railway station.

He could not handle the naughty monkey’s pranks. They made everything in the house a mess, and he was a real nuisance to his grandmother.

Toto was also a tad difficult to train. He was very active and always messed up the household. After a while, he was thrown out.

Eventually, the naughty monkey was rescued by Grandmother, who was upset by his behavior. In return, the naughty monkey was given a stable place at the zoo.

Unfortunately, Grandfather did not have a monkey himself. He bought one from a tonga-driver for five rupees.

The story of The Adventures of Toto is a good example of the difficulties involved in owning a monkey. Despite the many challenges, Toto proved to be a very cute and cuddly monkey.

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Grandfather was a great animal lover

Toto is a mischievous monkey that lived in the zoo of a grandfather. He has a long tail, pearly white teeth, and a pretty smile. The grandfather bought the monkey from a tonga-driver for five rupees.

Grandfather loved animals and kept several in his private zoo. This included a tame squirrel, a tortoise, and a pair of rabbits. One day, he purchased a little red monkey to add to the zoo.

When the grandfather brought the monkey to his house, Grandmother was not happy about it. She did not like the way that Grandfather kept animals.

After a few days, Grandmother grew to like the new pet. However, she still disliked the way that Grandfather was always bringing in new animals. So, he tried to hide the monkey from her.

As a result, he kept the animal in a closet. It was an awkward place for the animal to live. For instance, it did not have an opening for the head. And, it was made of a black canvas. Because of the canvas, it was very hard for Toto to bite. But, the poor animal was not tamed.

Although, he tried to keep the animal hidden from his wife, he ended up stealing a lot of food from her. He also broke her clothes and dishes.

Once, he was able to escape from his closet. After he did so, he was placed in a large cage in a servant’s quarter. Nevertheless, he was a naughty animal and he would often disturb the other pets in the zoo.

On the other hand, Toto had a pretty face and a charming smile. Despite his mischievous behavior, Grandfather thought that Toto was cute. In fact, he admired him as being clever.

At the railway station, he even made a back jump. His behavior caused shock among fellow passengers.

Toto was not a pet that could be kept for a long time. Eventually, he was put to sleep.

Grandfather’s Private Zoo is a great story for children. It teaches them about different animal behaviors and gives them a chance to see them as well.

Nana never became friends with Toto

It was winter and Toto enjoyed taking a warm bath. He hopped into the kettle of boiling water and almost boiled himself. But Grandmother saved him in time.

After a while, Toto began to tease Nana. The two didn’t become good friends. They were also destroying items around them. Even the wallpaper of the house started to get ripped off.

A lot of damage was caused to the house because of Toto. This included tearing down the curtains, breaking dishes, and tearing off wallpaper. In addition, the family didn’t have enough money to repair the damage.

Toto had four legs like a dog, but he had pearly white teeth. Besides, he was very pretty.

After he was brought home by his owner, Toto was given a name. His owner, a grandfather, was a naturalist, a man of great intelligence, and a lover of animals.

As a result, he decided to include Toto in his private zoo. His zoo consisted of many animals, including rabbits, a tortoise, and a tame squirrel.

But Grandfather had to take Toto on a journey to Saharanpur for work. Unfortunately, the narrator wasn’t able to accompany him. However, he was able to purchase a ticket to take Toto to the station.

When he arrived at the station, the ticket collector thought that Toto was a dog. So he charged him Rs. 3 for the ticket. Apparently, Toto was a mischievous monkey who liked to play tricks on people.

On the first night, Toto and the narrator’s grandmother stayed at the same place. Nana was good at keeping herself from getting into trouble. She tried to stay away from the hay bundle. Yet, the animal still got angry.

The next day, the narrator’s grandmother discovered that Toto was in the house. She didn’t approve of the new addition to the household.

Eventually, Toto was put into a big cage with other animals. Besides, Nana had a difficult relationship with the pet. By the afternoon, the misbehavior had increased. Although Toto was cute and adorable, his owner was not comfortable with him.



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