How Can You Block Someone on Spotify

Block Someone on Spotify

Spotify allows users to listen to unlimited songs free of charge. Many people today don’t make Spotify accounts as they fear that others can monitor their listening habits and harass them.

Spotify currently does not provide any steps to prevent someone from following their profile or checking it. Regular Spotify users should take the necessary steps and submit their feedback to Spotify. Privacy is a fundamental right that every user has.

A report shows that not everyone thinks the same. It also shows how people listen to others to intimidate and stalk them.

Spotify is not able to block users from monitoring their activities. This is in contrast to social networks like Facebook or Twitter.

The inbuilt settings of Spotify prioritize sharing this information with the rest of the world. This makes it easier to share your network’s information faster and find new music. You give Spotify users a chance to listen to your music more than you realize.

This blog post will show you the options on how to block someone on Spotify that you have to avoid irritation and annoyance.

Spotify allows users to share all their activities with friends and followers. Spotify has an integrated feature that allows anyone with an account to check your playlists and those of others who have been played recently by you. You can search for and follow any person if you have a Spotify Account and know their username.

Spotify cannot block anyone, as we’ve already said. However, there are steps that users can take to protect their Spotify playlists and listen to habits from others.

How Can You Block Someone on Spotify

Private Sessions

Spotify’s most suitable option for its users is the private sessions option. This option can be found in the mobile app’s settings.

  • You can hide your music activities even from friends with this private session mode.
  • Unfortunately, this is not the best solution. Private sessions end automatically after approximately 6 hours of inactivity.
  • It will open it again and return to its default settings. This means that others can access your playlists again.

You can also share playlists with your friends, even if they are not in private mode.

Secret Playlists

Spotify also offers Secret playlists which allows only one user to see the playlist.

  • However, you can only make changes to the playlist through the desktop app once you have created it; otherwise, it will become visible to the public.
  • You can keep it secret by opening the playlist, then going to the drop-down menu next to the play option. This will allow you to create a secret playlist.

After you’ve created your secret playlist, you can share it with your friends.

Become Anonymous

This option is for you if you are looking to listen to any song you like, without worrying about privacy. You can do this by creating an anonymous Spotify account. No one will ever know you and you can still listen to your favorite music.

  • You must fill in false information to create an anonymous account. This information cannot be linked with your Facebook account.
  • The playlists you create should be kept secret. Although you don’t want anyone to follow you, there are still people who can see your profile as well as the friends and artists that have been followed.
  • Finally, ensure that you enable the private session feature when using Spotify.
  • There are still some issues to address regarding privacy when using Spotify. After following these steps, anyone can access your anonymous profile and learn a lot more about you.
  • Spotify must take steps to protect its users from harassment, since so many people use Spotify. Several girls have reported to Spotify that their ex-boyfriend used Spotify playlists as harassment tools.
  • Spotify does not have the block feature so others can check their activities and use them as intimidation.