How a young startup can promote on Instagram

How To See Who Saved Your Instagram Post
How To See Who Saved Your Instagram Post

The mobile application market is constantly growing, according to forecasts, application development will bring more than 900 billion dollars by next year! If you want to become part of a large development team and make your application popular, then Insta is the ideal platform to fulfill this desire. In today’s article, we will look at how free and paid methods will help you achieve your goals, why massliking no longer works and how to promote your page with the opportunity to buy Instagram followers (believe, many bloggers use this secret).

Did you know that people on average spend more than 2 hours a day on social networks? So promoting your startup through IG is a great strategy. So here we go. We are not going to talk about some well-known things like a high-quality avatar, nickname and profile cap, but we will immediately move on to more important ones.

Identify your target audience — gender, age, place of residence, hobbies, needs. First of all, your content should be aimed at her. If there is a product, there is its consumer. By the way, the definition of the potentially interested viewers will be very useful to you in the future for setting up targeted advertising.

Get subs interested in high-quality regular content. To do this, work out a content plan in advance for about a month in advance, in which you write down the topics of the following publications, texts and photos. Don’t forget that stories also need a content plan. Always keep track of new trends and challenges to attract new subs. And spare no money on targeting. This is a rather expensive method of promotion, but the results it brings pay for everything.

Use cross-marketing. You can join forces to promote your product together with another young company with a similar interested viewers. This way you can not only reach new potential customers, but also offer them some discounts and interesting promotions.

Shoot reels. Take your time and post short videos regularly, every day. Now video content is much more interesting to users of social networks than photos. So try to interest them from the first seconds and attract new subscribers.

Stream live broadcasts alone or with your partners. It helps to exchange audience and attract new subs. And if you stream the broadcast with someone famous, then the success of your startup is definitely guaranteed.

What methods of promotion are better not to use? Definitely these are long-outdated massliking, massfollowing and commenting. Firstly, Insta algorithms have become better at recognizing such activity and can quickly block your account. And if you do it manually, you will just get into a shadow ban, then automatic services will help you say goodbye to your page forever. And these methods annoy people, and the probability that they will subscribe to you tends to zero.

It is much better to use another opportunity and buy real Instagram followers who will greatly increase your activity on the page. Such subs like, write comments, watch stories and so on. Insta regards your content as interesting and starts promoting publications itself. This is an absolutely safe method of promotion, since there is no action on your part.

What conclusion can be drawn?

It is not easy to promote your startup, but thanks to social networks it is quite possible. Use all the features of IG, do not forget to redirect subs to your main site, actively interact with the audience and do not forget to track your profile statistics to understand what you should pay attention to.