Genshin Impact Onikabuto Locations ( Best 5 )

    Onikabuto Locations

    Genshin Impact: Onikabuto locations are insect-like creatures that can be found in abundance in Yashiori and Narukami Islands. They are an essential ascension material for the Inazuma Specialty. In order to collect them, you will need to find areas where the Electro Energy concentration is high.

    Onikabuto is a beetle-like insect in Genshin Impact

    In the game, players will collect Onikabuto to use as ascension material for Itto. These insects are native to the Inazuma region, where they can be found on trees and rocks. In order to harvest them, players must travel to the massive mountain of Mt. Yogou, where there is a huge population of Onikabuto.

    The Onikabuto Locations is an exclusive beetle-like insect found in Inazuma. They live on the trunks of trees, in hidden caves, and in other areas. They are docile and prefer to live in forests. Genshin Impact lets players collect the Onikabuto in both single and cooperative mode.

    Onikabuto is a rare, purple beetle-like insect. It’s a difficult insect to spot, but it’s still a necessary ingredient for leveling up Heziou and Itto. You need 168 Onikabuto to level up Heizou. The Onikabuto is a rare item, and it takes time to gather enough.

    When gathering Onikabuto, you should be prepared for them to respawn after a couple of days in real world. They are also found in Higi Village and Serpent’s Head. Three Onikabuto can be found in the Musoujin Gorge north of Higi Village, while one is hidden behind a waterfall on the south face. Onikabuto Locations can also be found on Yashiori Island, in the bushes near the Serpent’s Skeleton.

    onikabuto locations

    It is an ascension material

    Onikabuto is an Ascension Material found in the game Genshin Impact. It can be found in the forest or on the walls of a cave. They are purple and are easy to spot. You can use Onikabuto to level up characters, including Itto and Heizou. You need 168 Onikabuto to Ascend Heizou.

    Onikabuto is a resource that is essential to the characters in Genshin Impact. It helps build attributes to a higher level. Some characters need more than one to reach higher levels. In this game, the detective Shikanoin Heizou and the abs king Arataki Itto require 168 Onikabuto. They also need 46 Runic Fangs and 46 Riftborn Regalia.

    Onikabuto Locations is one of the most popular Ascension Materials found in the game. It’s available in the following tiers: Bronze, Iron, Diamond, and Gold. These materials are obtained by defeating enemies in various areas. Some of these enemies can be fought in the Underground Chasms of Liyue. These areas are also a good source for Ascension Materials.

    Onikabuto is a beetle-like insect that is found on rocks and trees. Onikabuto Locations are attracted to the Balethunder effect. They spawn every 48 hours and never become rare. These Ascension Materials can be used to increase a person’s shaman’s power.

    It can be found in abundance in Narukami Island

    Onikabuto are purple beetles that are common on trees and other areas with a high Electro concentration. They can also be found in caves and underground areas. In Narukami Island, they can be found in abundance between the Grand Narukami Shrine and Kamisato Estate. They can also be found in Yashiori Island, especially in the north near the Jakotsu Mine.

    The best places to find Onikabuto Locations so are the cliffs around the Grand Narukami Shrine, near the skeleton of the serpent, and in the hills surrounding the forge. These little guys are great for gathering Inazuma. Onikabuto can also be found near Teleport Waypoints, or in areas with massive tree trunks.

    Onikabuto are also found in abundance in Seirai Island. This island contains a few locations for farming Onikabuto, but you’ll need to complete the Seirai Island quest chain to get them. If you are farming Onikabuto in Seirai, be sure to stay away from lightning strikes, which will send your character into a lightning storm.

    You can also find Dendrobium in Kannazuka and Nazuchi Beach. It is also possible to find the Crystal Marrow in the skeletal remains of the Orobashi. It is rare, but is very valuable. Onikabuto is also an in-game item for Itto, and Itto can be found there in abundance.

    It can be found in Yashiori Island

    There are many Onikabuto that can be found on Yashiori Island. They can be found near the Higi Village and Serpent’s Head Teleport Waypoints, as well as on the steep cliffs surrounding Serpent’s Skeleton. You can also find Onikabuto on large tree roots, or on the cliff walls of the Musoujin Gorge.

    Onikabuto are rare creatures that are not sold in stores. Those who want to acquire them must explore a few different islands to find them. Onikabuto are most plentiful in the northern part of Yashiori Island, and they can be found on Seirai Island, where the Balethunder is located. However, you can also find Onikabuto Locations on Tatarasuna Island.

    Onikabuto are rare creatures found on Yashiori Island, so you must be persistent to find them. However, once you have found them, you can use them to craft other items or complete quests. In addition, you can also use them to level up in your class and find the perfect item. However, you must remember that there are a few different types of Onikabuto.

    Onikabuto are beetles that are found on the trees and rocks in Yashiori Island. The Inazuma Local Specialty Onikabuto is a beetle-like insect that can be found on Yashiori Island and other places near electro-rich areas. They can also be found on Amakumo Peak. Despite their unique characteristics, Onikabuto are not edible and can only be collected if you know how to spot them.

    The easiest way to find Onikabuto Locations is to hunt in the Inazuma region. Once you’ve found them, they will hang out near trees and will easily be captured. Onikabuto spawn in the areas indicated on the map above. Inazuma City and Yashiori Island have the highest concentrations of Onikabuto, and can be found in many locations.

    It can be found in areas with high Electro concentrations

    The Onikabuto is a purple, beetle-like insect that is commonly found in areas of high Electro concentration. This insect is attracted to the Balethunder effect and can be found on rocks and trees. The Inazuma region is a good place to look for Onikabuto Locations.

    Inazuma players can find onikabuto by completing quests. They can be used to craft an Electro Treasure Compass, which can be used to find Treasure Chests in Inazuma. These items can only be found in areas that have high Electro concentrations.

    Players usually collect materials around the Teyvat and Inazuma regions. However, there are new regions in the game that allow players to find Onikabuto, such as Onikabuto. These creatures cannot be damaged or killed by normal means. However, they must be reached to be used. Unlike normal Wildlife, Onikabuto are not affected by damage and do not fall if you hit them. Moreover, they act and behave differently from normal Wildlife.

    Onikabuto are most common in areas that have high Electro concentrations. You can also find Onikabuto Locations in underground areas. You can find them on the four islands of Inazuma, in the Grand Narukami Shrine, in Mount Yougou, and in the caves beneath Inazuma City. Onikabuto can also be found on the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual quest chain.

    In order to catch an Onikabuto Locations, you must be in an area with high Electro concentrations. This rare Pokemon is not available in any shops and must be collected by the player. An interactive map or farming location guides will help you find them.