ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: The Father of Artificial Intelligence

father of artificial intelligence

Father of Artificial intelligence : It’s the focal point to the fifth wave of industrialization. Artificial Intelligence has undergone strict scrutiny from the public and the scholars alike since the day of its conception. However, there has been a strong misconception amongst people that artificial intelligence only refers to robots, which understandably is because of the influence of high budget cinema. But, artificial intelligence’s goals are learning and reasoning and the ability of machines to imitate human behaviour can be at simple or a complex level. So, what exactly is artificial intelligence?

The simulation of human intellect and intelligence into machines so as to program these machines to think and act like humans is the basic premise of artificial intelligence. Any machine that shall exhibit the traits of a human mind is also referred to as Artificial intelligence (AI). To begin with characterizing the features of artificial learning, AI has the ability to empirically analyse and take rationalised actions for achieving certain objectives with the best outcome.

Who’s the Father of Artificial Intelligence ?

John McCarthy (1927-2011) Is the Father of artificial intelligence, He was born in boston and graduated from California institute of technology.The modern father of artificial intelligence managed to study while also working as a carpenter, fisherman and inventor to help his family. When he officially entered Caltech to study mathematics, he had already studied so much on his own that he has two own books.

Artificial intelligence is being put to use in many disciplines across the world. The machines are formed through a multi-disciplinary approach with talents from various disciplines including mathematics, computer science, linguistics, psychology, and more.

The use of artificial intelligence is also widespread. The usage can primarily be seen in the following industries like healthcare and pharmaceutical industry, including the usage of AI in surgical procedures, in the financial industries to flag banking activities, the automobile industries in the manufacturing of automated vehicles and more.

father of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence can be categorised into two branches. They are

  • Weak Artificial intelligence
  • Strong Artificial intelligence.

Weak Artificial intelligence usually are designs that are conceptualized to deliver one specific function. This branch shall include video games and voice assistants.

Strong Artificial intelligence systems are designed for more complex delivery of human functions like the machines that are used in complex surgeries and auto-pilot vehicles.

Artificial intelligence also has certain subsets associated with it. These are machine learning and deep learning.

  • Machine learning is based on the concept that computers can learn without human assistance.
  • Deep learning as a technique helps in enabling devices in the absorptions of unstructured data.

As stated earlier, artificial intelligence goes through the strict scrutiny of public and scientists alike. In this regard, there is a notion amongst the people that Artificial intelligence might develop, overgrowing and overthrowing their human counterparts through self redesigning. There are also ethical issues revolving around the treatment of artificial intelligence devices. This is where we move on to discuss the advantages and the disadvantages of Artificial intelligence both upon human life and the global system.


Artificial intelligence is making a revolution in the industrialization of technology. With its cutting edge features, Father of artificial intelligence is considered as a boon to mankind delivered by mankind themselves. It also provides a wonderful collaboration of humans and machines in the working process, thus human labour also is not completely done away with. Moving on, we shall discuss certain striking advantages of artificial intelligence.

  • Artificial intelligence is a total time saver in the process of work. Be it production and manufacturing in factories or the quick analysis of data in office sectors, artificial intelligence saves you the time that is normally consumed in manual tasks.
  • Artificial intelligence has the ability to execute and complete any complex task known to mankind till date without faulty measures. It also saves you from uneventful cost outlays in the process.
  • Artificial intelligence unlike humans does not need breaks and sick leaves and thus can serve to be of purpose throughout without any disruption. In a work setting with persons with disabilities, artificial intelligence also serves to be of assistance to complete their jobs.
  • Artificial intelligence can be employed to work across any form of industry, according to the needs of that industry. It has huge potential when it comes to functioning and this stands the same across the world.
  • As rationalising is the primary base of Father artificial intelligence, it is also helpful in making quick and clever decisions and policies in any organisational structure.
  • With its next generation performance, artificial intelligence gives the organisations a chance to save time, energy and resources for high value tasks and aids in the completion of ground level work.
  • Artificial intelligence is also well known for its speed and accuracy. They also are not affected by the hostility of situations and atmosphere, so can be durable to work in extreme temperatures or even in space when designing precisely. Thus it prevents humans from getting involved in dangerous tasks that may be life threatening.
  • Artificial intelligence is also excellent at storing the information and date uploaded. Unlike humans, they do not tend to forget or forego information passed on or left in their possession. This makes the ultimate solution in storing, transferring and editing information, for present use and for future reference.

The above are some of the advantages of artificial intelligence. However, just like a coin, every aspect is bound to have two sides. Likewise, Artificial intelligence also has some downfalls and shortcomings associated with it, which are discussed in detail here.

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It is definitely true that the birth of artificial intelligence has made all of our lives easier. But at what cost? The shortage of human labour, leading to unemployment which further leads to economic depression in several parts of the world is only one amongst the many shortcomings of the wave of artificial intelligence. The various other disadvantages of artificial intelligence are discussed in detail below.

  • Artificial intelligence though time saving can also cost a pretty penny. The installation and maintenance cost of Artificial intelligence technology are really high and small repairs could cost you a fortune. Therefore, artificial intelligence is not a technology that stands to be feasible for implementation by everyone.
  • Artificial intelligence may be able to mimic human traits but can never exhibit the complete potential of humans. There is a lack of the creative element also, because machines give outputs only to our inputs and nothing more. Father of Artificial intelligence machinery also does not improve its performance through continuous experience. What you get on day 100 would be the same as what you got on day 1. Therefore the human element of the working process would be forever missing in artificial intelligence.
  • As already mentioned, increased usage of artificial intelligence means lack of opportunities to humans. This only promotes unemployment and underemployment, thus also promoting poverty in different parts of the globe.
  • With artificial intelligence ppt being present to do all the work that humans would normally be required to do, it leads to the increase in human beings’ tendency to become lazy and laid back. This further comes with several repercussions like health issues, for example: obesity, which as we know is slowly plaguing the world.
  • Humans also might tend to become addicted to these technologies. This addiction makes it nearly impossible for such individuals to live without such advancements, thus also affecting their mental health along with their physical health.

With the discussions being made on what father of Artificial intelligence is, how it serves humankind and also affects humankind, it is safe to conclude artificial intelligence is certainly a revolutionary development in the world of science, though like any other invention, it comes with its own set of downfalls. Therefore, it is the extent of its usage that determines how it shall affect progress.