Effects of SMP on Personal Style

Hair loss has become somewhat a common problem. Excessive hair loss affects aesthetics, personal style, self-confidence, and even the way each individual perceives. Luckily, Scalp Micropigmentation New York is here to provide you with the ablest solution.

Unpredictable Consequences Of Hair Loss

Many studies show that hair loss affects our appearance and self-confidence and has adverse consequences on our psychology and quality of life. 

Reduce Quality Of Life

Summary of data from a survey in the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery: 63% of women say that hair loss is a significant obstacle to their career, and 40 % said their marriage had suffered harmful effects from this issue. 

Many also share that they feel that the others are looking at their bald spots or frizzy hair even during casual conversations. 


Many also admit that they are embarrassed by their alopecia condition, thus afraid to communicate with others, and refuse to express themselves. 

Hair determines their inherent self-confidence for many people, said Professor Robert T. Brodell – Ohio Medical University, USA. Therefore, regardless of the cause, hair loss will almost definitely lead to disappointment in oneself, which is evident in each person’s biological psychology. Also, in this university study, 75% of women have low self-esteem when interacting with the opposite sex. 

Having that said, if not handled in time, excessive hair loss can have many adverse effects on our life and psychology. People with a lot of hair loss often feel guilty, lack confidence, and are afraid to go to crowded places. Over time, they become less communicative and lose enthusiasm in outside activities.

Not only that, hair loss a lot and lack of vitality also affect the work efficiency of many people, especially for people who do jobs that require physical appearance, such as teachers, presenters, actors, etc.

How To Restore The Consequences Of Alopecia

It is not easy to overcome the consequences and low self-esteem caused by alopecia. It will take time, effort, courage, and lots of suitable treatments/procedures to regain your lost confidence. But the good news is, it is entirely possible. You can take some suggested measures below to help reduce hair loss and support hair growth.

Do not wash your hair every day

If so, use conditioner instead of shampoo!

This method is called co-washing. When you wash your hair with conditioners, you add moisture and nutrients to your hair every day. So, if you feel hot and want to wash your hair every day, skip the shampoo step.

If you insist on cleaning your hair every day, consider products that don’t foam much since soap-making chemicals are very easy to dry out your hair. Read shampoo ingredients and give preference to sulfate-free ones.

Deep moisturizing twice a week

Use a hair mask to hydrate your hair deeply. It doesn’t matter in what form: whether you use a hair mask in the shower or even overnight.

If your scalp and hair are dehydrated, you can also combine a massage with hot oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, or avocado oil. The oil acts as a protective film, locking moisture into the scalp.

Use a T-shirt to dry your hair

An ordinary towel can be harmful to hair because its weave creates high friction with the hair. Try using an old t-shirt to dry your hair. T-shirt weaving reduces friction with the hair, making it harder for the hair to break.

Limit the use of heat to style your hair

There are many ways to style hair without drying or straightening. For example, if you want to have curls, you can braid or curl your hair when you go to bed. Your hair will have slight waves overnight. If you’re going to dry your hair, use the lowest setting, choose an ionic hairdryer, and apply a heat-damage serum.

Don’t forget to use a leave-in conditioner.

Leave in conditioner are conditioners that don’t need washing. You can also try a hair oil or BB cream. These products create a protective film around the hair shaft, limiting factors that cause damage from the outside.

Combined with the hair care regimen from within

Supplements containing Biotin are always an excellent choice to strengthen hair from the inside. Combine with a menu rich in Omega-3 fish oil or Omega-6 chia seeds for good results.

In addition, avoid stress, fatigue, or too high pressure in life, and at the same time fully supplement four groups of nutrients to help hair grow strong such as starch, fat, protein, vitamins, and minerals substance, etc. For some extra cautious individuals, in order to overcome hair loss safely and effectively, the patient should visit a doctor and follow the doctor’s regimen.

Employ Scalp Micropigmentation 

Good news for those suffering the consequences of hair loss and struggling with creating your style/ identity, scalp micropigmentation provides the solution for all of your problems. 

While there are numerous choices for reversing hair loss and increasing density, most have drawbacks such as high cost, limited efficacy, and unpredictable, variable outcomes. Hair transplants, on the whole, create significant scars and are costly. Hair growth medications have a few unfavorable side effects, and wigs make it harder to move and operate.

Scalp Micropigmentation is a popular procedure for increasing density, concealing scars, and reversing hair loss and baldness. This technique is a non-surgical method of treating hair loss. This procedure is based on PMU technology (which is exclusively used on the scalp) and involves the use of “special” ink and PMU equipment to generate fake hairlines, especially dots. A small quantity of pigment is used to produce the illusion of shadow, which looks nearly natural. Depending on how well you care for your results, they can last from 3 to 5 years.

And the best thing about SMP is that it can help you regain the self-confidence that has been lost due to the awful effects of alopecia or even creates positive changes in your style.


As can be seen, there is no easy way to overcome the adverse results of hair loss. Still, you can and will regain confidence, improve your quality of life and personal aesthetics, and once again lead the life you deserve with time, endurance, and suitable treatment. We hope the above article has given you enough information to find the perfect solution in dealing with alopecia. Do not hesitate to contact us or leave a comment if you have any further questions.