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Donnalyn Bartolome Issue

donnalyn bartolome issue

Donnalyn Bartolome Issue

Donnalyn Bartolome’s recent issues have brought up a lot of questions. We’ve heard her apologize for portraying toddlers in a “more than mature” manner, and we’ve also heard a whole bunch of advice on how to get a job.

Birthday celebration

Known as the Social Media Goddess in the Philippines, Donnalyn Bartolome turned 28 on July 9. Her birthday party was a kanto-themed affair, featuring classic Pinoy street foods and inexpensive Filipino beverages. Some of the guests were famous internet personalities. She also had a pabitin with different prizes.

As a vlogger, Bartolome has made videos on YouTube that have received millions of views. She has more than four million subscribers, and has been ranked fifth in the “Top Content Creators” in the Philippines for the year 2021. She is also known for her pop songs and viral videos. The YouTube vlog on her birthday drew mixed reactions from netizens.

However, some of her fans defended her choice of theme, saying that it showed a more mature portrayal of poverty. Others claimed that the ‘poverty porn’ image was unrealistic. In response to those who were offended by her “kanto”-themed birthday, Bartolome issued an apology.

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While the party itself was celebrated in a low-key manner, the video that Bartolome posted on her birthday has gone viral. Her video is viewed 3.8 million times on YouTube. It includes a traditional Filipino party game, limbo rock, and monobloc chairs for chairs.

During her party, Bartolome and her guests also enjoyed classic Pinoy street food, like balut, taho, grilled nilagang pinoy, and ube ice cream. They also had some Red Horse beer and Emperador brandy. Aside from the food, the party also included a roadside karaoke. This event was attended by Ella Cruz and Zeinab Harake.

Donnalyn’s party was a hit on YouTube. She has since uploaded a video of her birthday celebration, showing all of the fun that she had. However, her kanto-themed vlog has generated a lot of criticism. Many have pointed out that the “kanto” party glamorized poverty and gave bad traffic to those who live in it. These comments have prompted Bartolome to issue an apology and a statement. Whether or not her statements will do the trick remains to be seen. Hopefully, she will be able to rectify the issues that have arisen in her social media.

Fear of crocodiles

A recent study dubbed the Bay Area based UC Davis Health Center found that there is a correlation between a person’s fear of crocodiles and his or her tendency to make bad decisions. It’s no secret that Bartolome isn’t exactly a high-functioning individual. However, her propensity to be overconfident and impulsive is not conducive to good decision making. So, in the name of avoiding a one-on-one, the answer to the question is a simple yes or no.

The only caveat is that the sexiest lady in the house isn’t always available for her most important business meetings, errands or appointments. That’s not to say that it’s a bad thing, but it does mean that she is not able to keep a lid on her insecurities. Fortunately for her, a bit of a social media blitz will remedy this issue. This is where a smattering of the most dedicated apologists will be waiting to make sure Bartolome’s psyche stays in check.

Advice to find a job

When YouTube vlogger Donnalyn Bartolome posted a post on her Facebook page, it went viral on social media. In the post, she asked whether people should feel lucky to have a job. She wondered why some employees are so sad when they return to work after the holidays. The post garnered several comments from the public, some of them questioning why she would say such things. However, she has yet to issue an official response.

Her followers responded to her post, offering advice on how to be happy. Some said that if you want to be happy, you need to find a job that you enjoy. Others advised that you should stick with the job you already have. Despite the rebuttals, the post remained as the second most trending topic on Facebook.

However, some commenters called for her to shut up. One of them even told her that she should stick with her job because she doesn’t like it. Another one criticized her for portraying poverty in her vlogs. Yet another one argued that working on the first day of the year is a good luck.

Meanwhile, a netizen challenged her to work outside the Philippines. She replied that she would still hold the same sentiment if she worked abroad. This caused a heated debate on social media. Several commenters pointed out that she should understand that not everyone has the same opportunities as she does. Some might have transportation problems, low salaries, lack of recognition, and personal problems. Regardless of the reason, it’s important to understand that being unmotivated is a common experience.

In her reply to the netizen, she stressed that it’s not only a bad thing to be unhappy at work. It’s also wrong to take away the life of other people. She hopes that everyone will appreciate the opportunity to work and improve their lives. As for her, she hopes to continue making videos and making her rounds online. And if she does, she hopes that she will continue to make her readers happy.

Whether you like her posts or not, the best thing to do is to keep smiling.



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