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With college looming around the corner, and responsibilities piling up, planning a future is definitely hectic. Well, if you’re a computer graduate with aspirations to work on data and statistics. We can make your future plans much easier for you. Here is a chance to make your career in one of the up and coming industries of contemporary times. The field of data science! and careers in data science internships.

Data Science – The mere mention of the word brings a million questions. Sounds rather nerdy, doesn’t it? So, what exactly is data science?

Data science is a crucial inter-disciplinary scientific approach of algorithms. And systems to derive knowledge from a set of both structured and unstructured data. It is a combination of systematic approach from fields like mathematics and statistics. Computer science and information science and domain knowledge.

The field of data science involves a spectrum of analysis. Preparing the data and presenting findings of analysis to aid in important decisions in an organisation. Before we go on further about how data science can contribute to Organisations. There is an important concept to pay attention to and that is,

BIG DATA : As the name suggests, big data is a field that deals with various ways to analyse. And extract information from certain large data sources that cannot be analysed by normal data processing applications. Modern usage of this term also refers to the advanced data analytics methods. This big data is becoming an indispensable part of the greater globe with several institutions like government, health institutions and corporate organisations rely on data science. This is exactly where data science comes to play. In simpler words, the growth of data science and big data are directly proportional to each other.

There are several techniques employed by the field of data science to  analyse the data. The most recent updates include end-to-end platforms that are fully featured and are used for machine learning and data interpretation.

With so many developments happening around data science and with the added boom of technological advancements across the world, data science is certainly promising if you’re looking for a steady career.

Looking further into the field, these are the primary areas that data scientist or individuals interested in pursuing career in data science should concentrate on:

  1. The business
  2. Mathematics
  3. Computer and informatics
  4. Communication.

Data science is one of the key scientific fields that aid in the core analysis and development of a business. The areas that data science aid with a business include,

Analysis of data, predictions of trends to form hypotheses, classification and recommendations and detection of problems, and in providing solutions and running forecasts to plan further development.


A data scientist is a tribrid of a mathematician, computer nerd and trend spotter. Their task is to analyse and decipher large data to find trends and gain insight on the data. With such a talent your career line is also not just a linear path but a wide spectrum of opportunities. Knowledge on data science doesn’t necessarily mean, you only end up being a data scientist. There are different career scopes to an individual with accurate knowledge in data science. With appropriate knowledge on data science, you have opportunities waiting for you to become,

BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE ANALYST : An BI Analyst, analysis business and market trends and have a precise outline on where the company stands in terms of market conditions.

INFORMATION MINING ENGINEER : They not only analyse their company trends but also for third parties and create sophisticated algorithms for interpretation.

ARCHITECT: They work closely with users, designers and developers to create an outline to maintain the data sources.

DATA SCIENTIST: They are the core translators. They translate the case into an analytic agenda to understand and explore the patterns of its effect on business. They also aid in analysing the future effects and comprehend solutions for the betterment of the organisations.

The field of data science is by no means narrow and gives you the path to the horizon of opportunities and experience. A data scientist also is not limited to the ventures of technology but goes beyond to work in an array of fields in aiding data analysis and development. Few areas where a data scientist plays a pivotal role include,

  • Research
  • Government development
  • Educational institutions and universities.
  • Computer and tech industry.

Apart from the areas listed, the Bureau of Labour Statistics also provides wide opportunities for data scientists to follow their career path into. Some of the major recruits in India include, IBM, Myntra, Tata Consultancy Services and more. All this said and done, there is one question nagging your mind now.


Absolutely! Yes, data science has a great value and with big data taking the front row seats in business, the field has become a hot and in-demand career venture. Certain in-trend market players like the Apple, Microsoft, Walmart and more are in a regular look-out for data science internships. Problem solving and communication are essential for any company to thrive and data scientists are a crucial asset in this aspect.

India, as a nation stands second in recruiting data scientists, next only to the US. With over 50,000 recruits hired every year, India is home to some of the top market players of the world. The average salary of a data scientist in India shall range from 5lakhs to 7lakhs per annum. This being said, the right opening is also essential for a steady career. This is where internship programs come into the picture! It is a field growing miles by the day and is motivated by individuals who love to build themselves. If you are one amongst them and have a burning desire to build your data science career, and open up data science job opportunities, then you are in the right place.

With the right qualifications and the requirements neatly met, you can have a promising career as a data scientist. These requirements are what we help you with!


Data Science Internships are the opening platforms where you can learn, grow and develop both in your career and as a person. It is the prelude to your lifelong career path and we help you with it in every step. We specialise and provide a wide array of opportunities in the field of data science, to help you polish your skills. If you have the qualifications of an analyst, equipped with machine learning, statistics and the ability for critical thinking, then you’re the person we’re looking for. You will be able to learn and haveĀ  hands-on experience in working on data analysis and presenting your findings and trends to the team as you grow and establish yourself along with us.

Where you can Find Data science Internships :

Here is what you could tentatively expect to receive out of your data science Internship. The internship opportunities help you to strengthen your basic requirements for the field, like proficiency in programming languages. You shall also learn about collaborations and the various skill sets involved in problem solving. You would polish your art of teamwork and it also helps you to develop your understanding of the different projects in order to frame necessary solutions through analysis.

The core aspects of domain knowledge is key to a successful data scientist and your internship period is the best time for you to sharpen these skills. Internships guide you in the workflow of data and in the working of real-time data analysis projects. The data that you would work on and the skills required thereof are rather wide and it’s your internship period that will help you master your work for the future.

Your internship journey begins from a visual analysis level where you get to understand your data, from where you flourish into your area of speciality. The areas that you will be able to gain expertise are,

  • Data science analysis.
  • Operations.
  • Data mining and modelling.
  • Presenting or prototyping.
At the end of the internship, you would also be able to wrap your project, guided by your team of seniors.

If you are interested in applying for internships on data science, the preliminary skills that you would require are good mathematical capability, knowledge of programming languages like Python, R and SQL and the appropriate level of education (usually a bachelor’s degree). Selecting the right major for your degree is also important for you to rise in the field of data science. Data science Internships are also great platforms for you to find a suitable mentor and to get contacts and widen your network. So, it definitely is not an opportunity to miss out on.

If you have doubts, whether you are qualified enough, or talented enough, push them out the window. Because, the sole reason an internship is to gain experience and build talents. A good resume, proper etiquette and a hunger to learn and build yourself in the world of tech,is all that you need to take up an opportunity for data science internships.

Data science Internships are a chance to experience and explore that you shall never miss!