Best Shooter Games Of 2022

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No one will doubt the fact that large amounts of changes have been made in the world since the release of the microchip. Changes in technology have been seen not only in more important fields like food and health but also in the less crucial fields such as the world of entertainment. When we weigh the impact of the development of technology on the field of recreation, it is very difficult to ignore the phenomenon of video gaming. The reason is that as many as around 2.8 billion are gamers, according to a 2020 report by the famous statistics research platform formed a decade and a half ago – Statista. All the likelihoods are that this number has grown significantly over the past couple of years. After all, technology has become more and more accessible and the global pandemic has restricted everyone to a level where they do not even come out of their homes that often.

Video games come in many forms. On one hand, people like to play racing games like Need for Speed while on the other, people like to play strategy games like the Warcraft and Age of Empires series of games. There is another large section of the population that likes games that are neither strategy nor racing games; instead, they are shooting games. In the case that you belong to the section of gamers we mentioned last or you want to explore shooting games, this post is tailor-made for you. This is because today, in this post, we will be exploring the shooting games that are most popular amongst gamers this year. But before delving deeper into it, we have to introduce a very important tangent.

The Important Tangent

Whether you are playing shooter games on a gaming console or personal computer, it is very difficult to have a pleasurable experience when you do not have quality internet. The last thing that your gaming buddies want your agent-on-ground to be doing is just standing there still because your internet is lagging. To make sure you do not let your reputation and your buddies down, you should ensure that you have a top-notch connection. In the case that you do not have quality internet, know that the best choice you have is to subscribe to one of the many Xfinity internet package available to you. Comcast Xfinity makes sure you have internet that is not only always there but is also fast enough to keep up with fast-paced games like shooter games.

Best Shooter Games Of 2022

Now, we come to what we had promised in the very topic of this article. We will not only be listing but will also be detailing all the shooter games that have dominated the gaming world this year.


This game is an example of a first-person shooting game. This means that you see everything from the point of view of your agent on the ground. After six long years of game development, this game was finally released in the mid of 2020. The time it took to develop the game shows just how much effort has been put into it. And the effort did not at all go in vain. In fact, the game has proven to be such a success that is now known to be one of the most widely played shooting games in the world! Valorant has been developed along the same lines as Counter-Strike – another tactical shooter game.

Apex Legends

There is no way we could have avoided mentioning Apex Legends in a listing of the best shooter games in 2022. Although this game was released back in 2019, it is still very popular amongst gamers of all segments, whether they play games on an Xbox, a Playstation, or a personal computer. The game has won many awards for its excellent gameplay. Like Valorant, Apex Legends is also a first-person shooter game. It is played in a Battle Royale format. Alongside, its amazing gameplay, the game is also renowned for the unique character abilities it features.

Wrapping Up

For now, we have to call it a day. For us, the couple of shooter games mentioned above are the best in the world.