Best-Paying Jobs In The Energy Sector In 2021

Best-Paying Jobs

While the world is now switching to renewable energy sources and replacing fossil fuels with them. Therefore, the increasing demand for renewable energy sources is creating numerous opportunities for youth because these fields are not that much explored. Here we have enlisted the best-paying jobs in the energy sector. Here we will be taking all the parameters from the perspective of India and America. Then let’s start. Firstly, we are starting from the point of view of India.

Production/Drilling Engineer In Oil And Natural Gas Sector

In India, the use of fossil fuel is still more than renewable sources of energy. So this job profile ranks at first in the list if best-paying jobs in the energy sector. ONGC- Oil and Natural Gas Corporation offers the job profile of production/ drilling engineer for crude oil. In this field, one gains a lot of experience as time passes. For this profile, one has to be a graduate in petroleum or chemical engineering and GATE qualified with a decent all India rank. Payment in this job is more appealing which is near about 70 thousand to 80,000 INR per month with 15 days on-off and lots of perks and allowances.

Solar Design Project Manager

As the demand for equipment based on solar energy is increasing day by day, so great growth potential is there in this job profile. Making a solar design project is not that easy. It requires thorough planning for appropriate grid connections. One should be expert in power system, solar, electrical, project management and object oriented programming. Nowadays, companies are demanding some business and finance knowledge too. In India, companies like- Exide hire employees for this job profile. A fresher in this best-paying jobs is paying nearly 4 lakh INR to 5 lakh INR per annum.

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Renewable Energy Procurement Leader

In the job profile of renewable energy procurement leader, an employee should be capable of identifying key opportunities in the country for delivering on company’s procurement strategies for renewable energy. For this job profile, one should be well-verse in object-oriented well verse in project managing, negotiation of power purchase agreement which is also called PPA for the projects related to renewable energy. In India, ADSIPL which is also known as Amazon Data Services India private Limited hire employees for this job profile.

 Qualifications- For Best-paying jobs in energy sector

  1. The candidate must be a graduate in any course of science stream with good analytical skills.
  2. Those who are well versed in financial modelling, working with software developers, are prefer.
  3. Basics of programming are required since employees may have to work with IT experts.

           Per month salary in this job profile is near about ₹ 45000 per month for a  candidate having 2-3 years of experience.

Solar Engineer

In order to reduce dependency on coal electricity, solar power plants are established. People who are graduates in electrical engineering or electronics and communication engineering, this job profile is a great opportunity. Since solar energy field is not that old in India as that in other developed nations, so lots of people are not aware of this job. So, if you’re aware of this, you have the bonus point. Median salary for this post is nearly ₹ 4.5 lakh per annum.

Financial Analyst For Renewable Energy Companies

        In renewable energy , there are still many ideas which are in their infant stage. So they have to prepare budget for their organization. For this work, they should be bachelors or postgraduates in finance with some prior experience. In India, these analysts are paid at a rate of ₹ 50 thousand per month which may vary from person to person.

Now, it’s time to explore the best-paying jobs in the energy sector in America.

Site Manager Of Wind Farms

Windmills look like very simple structures but these require constant maintenance and management. The complexity of the management is directly proportional to how large a windmill is. Employees, for this job profile, should possess a bachelor or master degree in management or business. It would be better to have some working experience in the form of either a previous job or internship. The median salary which a wind farm site manager gets is around $105,000 per annum.

Civil Engineers – Best-paying jobs

There comes the requirement of proficient civil engineers when it’s about the construction of a power plant. One should be having at least a bachelor degree in civil engineering, prior experience in construction projects relevant to the industry.

Per annum average salary of civil engineers is around $ 87000per per year in the USA.

Environmental Science Technician

This job profile is more laboratory oriented rather than that in field. Here your job will be focused on making it guaranteed that the installations in renewal energy power plant  should not cause harm to the environment. You have to monitor the pollutants etc. in the laboratory also.

Minimum required qualification for this job profile is one should have at least graduate degree in  environmental science.

Geo scientistBest-paying jobs in energy sector

Geo scientists are in the demand in mining industry and natural gas and crude oil industry. Their main work is to estimate the presence of crude oil on the land or in the sea. In the sector of geothermal energy, which is renewable in kind of energy, geoscientists are required. This job profile offers a good amount of salary which is near about 95,130 US dollars per annum. One should be very proficient in geology, along with at least  bachelor degree. The employee should also have command over the graphical representation of data, statistics and process simulation with prior experience of work at least as an intern.

Sales Representative In A Company

An organization is not complete without a sales representative. Being a sales representative in the energy sector may be a bit tricky game for you if you are a newbie as it will include lots of technical stuff which is sufficient to confuse you. Recruiters also nowadays are looking for the ability to analyse customer’s requirements and building the relationship between customer and company etc. Here the candidate should have an excellent command of communication along with a bachelor’s degree in business and management.