Azure DevOps Certification You Should Learn in 2021

Azure DevOps Certification

Introduction about Azure DevOps

Azure DevOps certification is a certification related to the IT sector. It is provided by Microsoft Azure, which is a well-known cloud provider company. DevOps has a very high demand in software development nowadays. DevOps is counted among the best and methodologies in software development. Besides it, to build the application, users need to deploy DevOps. Azure DevOps assists professionals in enhancing their skills and making them job-ready.

Services Included In Azure DevOps

  • Azure Boards

           It is used when several teams govern a particular project and individually they want to track the updates and changes carried out by them. It is performed using some quick tools of Azure.

  • Azure Repos

           By using this service, the user can get unlimited access to the cloud-hosted repositories which are private for the user. The user is free to make changes to their private repositories.

  • Azure Artifacts

           With the help of this service, the user can integrate NuGet, Mavin, and other packages by downloading them from open or private sources. Then, Artifacts allows him for the sharing into Azure pipelines.

  • Azure Pipelines

           Azure pipelines can assist the user in performing continuous delivery or integration of the applications. This process is also known as CD/CI.

How To Achieve Microsoft Azure DevOps Certificate?

   To earn this certificate, one has to take up an exam conducted by Microsoft Azure. This exam is known as AZ-400: Microsoft DevOps Solutions or simply AZ-400. The main aim of this exam is to test the capabilities of examinees to frame and implement the strategies of DevOps. The candidates can take up AZ-400 in 4 languages English, simplified Chinese, Korean and Japanese. For Indian and south Asian candidates, the examination fee may seem to be very expensive. The examination fee is USD 165 which comes out to be roughly ₹12,375 INR. However, these are some prerequisites for candidates who are going to take up this test.

  • They must have achieved any two associate-level Azure certifications.
  • Candidates should be proficient in Azure administration and Azure development as well. In addition to it, they should be well versed in agile process.

Weightage Of Topics In AZ-400

    The distribution of topics will be quite simple. Defining and implementing the continuous integration methodology will cover 20 to 25% of whole the exam. Your performance on this topic will decide how you will be performing overall. Further on, 10 to 15% would be from managing source control. The same percentage of the question paper will be from the implementation of CD and releasing the management strategy. 10 to 15% of the total question paper will be from facilitating the collaboration and communication system.

Now, 5 to 10% will be coming from SRE Technology or Site Reliability Engineering. Again, 5 to 10% portion will be there from instrumentation designing and development and the rest of the question paper will be covered by other subtopics. Candidates have to keep in mind that they must have to study continuous integration and continuous delivery systems thoroughly. If you perform well in this topic, then you have secured nearly twenty-five percent of the total question paper. AZ-400 is not a theory-based exam, it is a completely implementation-oriented exam, hence, try to take it up wisely.

  Why do We recommend You Azure DevOps Certification?

      Today, not only Azure but also many cloud provider companies are providing their DevOps certifications. Still, we recommend you Azure DevOps because of many reasons. Firstly, Azure is a sub-brand of Microsoft, which is the tycoon in the software and IT industry. Microsoft Azure comes in the list of those multi-national companies which earn more profit in a very short time. The second one as well as the most impressive and strong reason is that nearly 98% of the whole IT and software companies run on Azure services. As Azure is being used by these many companies, so obviously the job opportunities for Azure DevOps engineers will be higher.

AZ-400 exam or Azure certification comes under the certifications of expert level. Those who successfully achieve this certification, have the status of Azure DevOps Engineer Expert, certified by Microsoft. It makes your portfolio very strong and when you go for the interview, it will leave a positive impact on the recruiter and you may get a high package in any of the top-notch product-based or service-based software companies. If you have a very strong command over Python, Java, Ruby, or any other programming language along with deep knowledge of MySQL, your way to the job will become easier as a DevOps engineer role is all about coding and scripting to optimize the code very well.