An overview on the Vietnam embassy attestation services

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Did you hear about attestation? Vietnam attestation stamp from Vietnam embassy and the consulate is indeed a kind of legal procedure. It will render with proof of verification and other documentations.

This article aims to talk about the importance and uses of certification from Vietnam attestation process.

Reasons why Vietnam attestation process so vital

  1. Vietnam is one of the reputed countries in the world that welcome foreigners from different countries. Document attestation from Vietnam is significantly a vital process.
  2. Vietnam attestation process is one such activity that certifies the authentication and genuineness about the documentation and yourself.
  3. Educational document verification can be a much bigger process. Hence it is beneficial to get every document verified so that you do not fall back with any of them later on.
  4. Now the question lies, why should we cooperate in attestation from Vietnam Embassy? Here’s why it is so?
  • To get the employment visa
  • To achieve higher education
  • To get admission confirmed in the schools of Vietnam
  • To get family residence visa

There are infact varied kinds of ways to get the documents verified and attested at the Vietnam Embassy. The first thing that is involved in the process of Vietnam attestation is to get the documents verified based on the priority of the cases.




  • What happens in the case of educational documents?

If it is for educational documents, Vietnam Embassy attests the degrees as well as also consolidates mark sheets and final year mark sheet for higher education. Remember that embassy never attests mark sheet and degree certificate separately. Both the certifications should be done simultaneously.

  • How is attestation under MEA conducted?

Verification at the attestation office is done very minutely and cares so that no students face any kind of issues in the near future and in the distant countries. Attestation under MEA will only be conducted once the relevant state authorities have taken up the charge to do so.

  • What happens in case of personal documents?

In case of personal documents one needs to attest the concerned home department prior to reaching out to the MEA attestation. If they are verified successfully by the embassy, it is taken for granted that the certificates as well as the documents issued are all authentic and acknowledged to the knowledge.

  • What is a Vietnam attestation service?

Vietnam embassy attestation services are a reliable platform to get the documents verified once you have planned to visit or study in different countries. Apart from all these, there is another benefit of getting the documents and the certification verified under the embassy services.

  • What commercial documents get attested under embassy service?

In case of commercial documents, the embassy service attests export invoices, power of attorney, Certificate of incorporation, report of physical analysis as well as chemical analysis and the packaging list. Talking about the fees structure, it is said that MEA is the central government department who is simply taking care about the authentication of the documents issued from India.


Starting from personal documents to educational as well as commercial documents, all are verified and attested only after proper checking and verification. Verification at MEA is initiated once the prime process of authentication is completed at the relevant departments with signatures.