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5 Ways EMP.dll Not Found Hogwarts Legacy Error

“I got the Hogwarts Legacy from SteamRIP today. But it keeps crashing on the second loading screen about 5 seconds in. I’m stumped. When I tried running it through 7z, it gave me an ‘Emp.dll not found Hogwarts Legacy’ error, even though I can spot it right next to the application. What’s happening here, and how do I sort it out?”

                                                                                                                —A Question from Reddit

Hogwarts Legacy is the new kid on the gaming block. But while wandering its magical world, a glitch like a missing Emp.dll file can seriously put a damper on your magical adventures. What you might not know is that the emp.dll file is critical to running the game, and if it’s missing or corrupted, it will be a rocky ride. 

But no need to worry. This article explains five solutions to get you back on your Hogwarts adventure. Besides, we’ll uncover why this error happens in the first place. So, keep reading for the solutions!

Part 1: Why is Hogwarts Legacy EMP.dll Not Found?

EMP.dll is a DLL file used by many programs, including Hogwarts Legacy, for efficient code sharing. It’s crucial for multiplayer gaming, handling tasks like player matchmaking and game communication. Whether you’re launching the game for the first time or in the middle of playing, the ‘Hogwarts Legacy emp.dll not found’ error can occur anytime. Here’s why:

  • Missing or Deleted EMP.dll – The file might be absent or deleted due to user error, software conflicts, or a corrupted game update.
  • Corrupted DLL File – Corruption of emp.dll can result from reasons like system crashes or storage issues, causing access problems and errors.
  • Incorrect Installation – An improper game installation can lead to emp.dll and other essential files not being in the correct directories, triggering this error.
  • Antivirus Blockage – Antivirus software or malware may flag emp.dll as a threat, leading to removal or quarantine and disrupting game functionality.

Now you know the reasons, let’s address this error and get your Hogwarts Legacy game running smoothly.

Part 2: How to Fix Hogwarts Legacy EMP.dll Not Found Error?

Fixing the ‘Emp.dll was not found Hogwarts Legacy’ error is simple if you take the right steps. Try the five solutions below, from automatic EMP.dll file recovery to manual tweaking to get back to your magical adventures at Hogwarts.

Solution 1: Recover Lost Files with 4DDiG Data Recovery[BEST]

Usually, EMP.dll is included in the Hogwarts Legacy installation. But if it’s missing or corrupted without known reasons, you can recover it with the help of the 4DDiG Data Recovery tool. Without manual tweaking, it can automatically recover lost, deleted, formatted, and corrupted files, including the EMP.dll file. This tool features:

  • Recover 2000+ file types, including pictures, videos, documents, emails, audio and more.
  • Recover files from various devices, such as SD cards, USBs, hard disks, digital cameras, etc.
  • Offers a user-friendly and intuitive interface.
  • Provides both Quick and Deep scanning.
  • Free version available.

Here’s how to use this tool to fix the ‘Emp.dll not found Hogwarts Legacy’ error:

Step 1: Choose a Storage

Install and start the 4DDiG program, and pick the storage where EMP.dll went missing or got corrupted. Click “Scan All File Types” in the upper-right corner to choose the EMP.dll for scanning. Press “Start.”

Step 2: Scan for EMP.dll File

The tool will quickly scan the selected storage for the lost or corrupted EMP.dll file. You can pause or stop the scan as needed. Locate the recovered EMP.dll file in categories like “Deleted Files” in Tree View or switch to File View for file types. You can also do targeted file searches.

Step 3: Preview and Save EMP.dll File

Once you find the EMP.dll file, preview and recover it to a safe location. Remember, don’t save it to the same spot to prevent overwriting and loss. Pop the EMP.dll file into the correct folder, and your game should work without any hiccups.

Solution 2: Verify Game Files’ Integrity

To solve the ‘Hogwarts Legacy emp.dll not found’ problem, go to Steam or Epic Launcher, depending on where you got the game. There, verify the game files, and the process will scan for any missing or corrupted files and replace EMP.dll if needed. Here’s what to do:

For Steam:

Step 1: Open “Steam,” head to your library, right-click on “Hogwarts Legacy,” and pick “Properties.” Next, click “Local Files” and choose “Verify Integrity of Game Files.” 


Step 2: Steam will then check your game’s files and tell you if any files were missing or corrupted and have been fixed.

For Epic Games Launcher:

Step 1: Find your game in the library in the Epic Games Launcher and click the three dots on the right. 

Step 2: Select “Manage.” Hit “Verify” and wait for the check to finish. If the process fixes any missing or corrupted files, you can then play Hogwarts Legacy without issues.


Solution 3: Disable Antivirus Software Temporarily 

As discussed above, your antivirus might be causing the ‘Emp.dll was not found Hogwarts Legacy’ error. Sometimes, it can detect EMP.dll as a threat and quarantine it. Therefore, turning it off can resolve this issue. If you are using the antivirus software that comes with Windows, follow these steps:

Step 1: Head to “Settings,” click on “Update & Security,” and once there, select “Windows Security” from the options on the left. 

Step 2: After that, just click on “Open Windows Defender Security Center.”

Step 3: Go to “Virus and Threat Protection,” choose its settings, and toggle off “Real-time Protection.”

Solution 4: Go to Restore EMP.dll in Windows Security

Only turning off the antivirus won’t get the EMP.dll file back. To get rid of the ‘Emp.dll not found Hogwarts Legacy’ error completely, you need to un-quarantine the EMP.dll file from the “Virus & Threat Protection” settings. Here’s how:

Step 1: In Windows Defender Security Center, click on “Threat History” to view quarantined files. 

Step 2: If you see EMP.dll there, hit “restore” to fix the error. 

Step 3: If the file isn’t in the list, it’s likely deleted. 

Solution 5: Download a Trustworthy EMP.dll

Another way to fix the ‘Hogwarts legacy emp.dll not found’ issue is to download a trustworthy EMP.dll and put it in the Hogwarts Legacy game folder. While this method works, downloading files from unknown sources may expose your computer to malware and viruses. 

You can ask questions like ‘Hogwarts legacy emp.dll download’ on help sites or game forums. 

Once you find a trustworthy file, copy and paste it into the following path: Hogwarts Legacy/Phoenix/Binaries/Win64.’ Now, relaunch the game and see if the error persists.

Solution 6: Reinstall Hogwarts Legacy

If all else fails to fix the ‘Emp.dll was not found Hogwarts Legacy’ error, there’s no alternative except reinstalling the game. Here’s how:

Step 1: In Steam or Epic Game Launcher, find the “Hogwarts Legacy” game in the library, right-click, and select “Uninstall.” Follow the on-screen steps to finish.

Step 2: Reinstall the game through the launcher’s store. Finally, open “Hogwarts Legacy” to check if the EMP.dll error is gone.

EMP.dll Not Found Hogwarts Legacy FAQs

Q1: What is EMP dll?

The EMP.dll (Easy Multiplayer) is a crucial dynamic link library (DLL) used by many programs, including Hogwarts Legacy, to save space and work efficiently. It’s vital for multiplayer gaming, managing player matchmaking, hosting and joining games, and player communication. If EMP.dll is missing or damaged, you can’t play Hogwarts Legacy in multiplayer mode and might encounter issues like game crashes and freezes.

Q2: What Happens if DLL Files Are Missing?

When an app lacks a DLL file, it won’t start, run properly, or crash, resulting in an error like ‘Emp.dll was not found in Hogwarts Legacy.’

Q3: Where do I put EMP dll files?

Before putting the EMP.dll file into the correct folder, be sure you’ve downloaded it from a trustworthy source. Then, copy EMP.dll to this directory: ‘Hogwarts Legacy/Phoenix/Binaries/Win64.’

Final Words

Encountering an error like ‘Emp.dll not found Hogwarts Legacy’ while playing a game like Hogwarts Legacy can bring your magical world to a halt. But we’ve shared five solutions to fix this problem. 

However, if you want to skip the manual tweaking or reinstalling the game (which can be a pain), consider using a tool like 4DDiG Data Recovery. It’s not just about rescuing that one missing EMP.dll file. This tool is your ace in the hole for all your video, audio, photo, and document recovery needs.



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